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I went to the website you have listed at the bottom of your post to check out your school. I noticed that your instructors weren't really identified nor were their resumes posted. Care to offer this important infomation to the rest of us?

No problem, fair question Sir. Ok so Florida Firearms Training, is the Firearms training division of The Executive Solution.

(TES) Is a fully licensed and insured Florida corporation with two core business divisions. One is a full service security and risk mitigation service with operations throughout the United States and internationally. The Executive Solution

The second is an internationally recognized provider of firearms and tactics instruction that is specialized in delivering remote location training teams to corporations, clubs, individuals and government agencies. Florida Firearms Training - Home

In our Firearms Training group, we have 6 full time instructors on staff along with 8 additional “contract instructors” that we can call upon based on subject matter expertise and class requirements. We are the exclusive contract instructors for The Delray Shooting Center and Okeechobee Shooting Sports as well as holding regular classes across the state of Florida. We also have a remote training unit that delivers training on a national or international basis.

My main role is that of Lead Instructor. I have been a certified firearms and tactics instructor for over 23 years. Teaching military, law enforcement, security contractor and civilian classes across the globe. Apart from being a small arms instructor, I have also conducted local and overseas contract work in executive protection, remote location small arms & tactics training, recovery agent and bail enforcement roles. I have and continue to teach firearms force on force training to civilians, security contractors as well as local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Here is an example of some of our training cadre:
M. N. (Major) (US Marine Ret)
15 Years Marine Corps. Retired (Jan 2009), Specialized in Hard Security, USMC Hand to Hand Instructor, USMC Improvised Weapons Expert, Military Advisor to the American Embassy San Jose, Costa Rica and American Embassy Asuncion, Paraguay, Liaison officer for CIA, Dept of State, US Military and local in country Governments, Joint Terminal Attack Controller Iraq, Numerous deployments in Theater including, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Sierra Leon, Mozambique.

Simon G. Australian Army (SSGT) (Ret)
6 Years Australian Army, 4 Years Australian Police SWAT team, 8 Years Private, Security Contractor , Operated all over Middle East, 2 Years training Iraqi police, Certified firearms & Tactics instructor, Specialized in close protection details.
Convoy security expert.

Gary A. US Army Ranger (SSGT) (ret)
VBSS Instructor, Ranger Firearms & Tactics Instructor, Operated in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations across the globe, Close protection and convoy security instructor, Forward recon specialist.

Rob T. (US Marine Ret)
USMC intelligence, executive protection agent, government and private(including U.S. Congressman), armed security, controlled gate access including blast wall and bomb search, event security, security/LEO firearms instructor, active Florida State firearms instructor license, former private investigator, private military contractor. On board armed security (anti - piracy contractor).

Paul M. US Law Enforcement Instructor
US / NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor. Specialist in close quarter protection, most firearms weapons systems, tactics, and force on force training. Private Investigator and Executive Protection specialist. As an investigator, specializing in all forms of surveillance, Executive protection, Skip tracing, background checks and Team tactics.
Licenses: A – Investigation Agency and Executive Protection, C – Investigators License, D – Security Officer, G – Statewide Firearms License, K – Firearm Instructor, Co Founder of The Executive Solution, specialized in Executive Protection. Firearms Training, Maritime Security, Investigations & Yacht/Estate Security.