Oslo and the Burden of Stopping Massacres

Oslo and the Burden of Stopping Massacres

This is a discussion on Oslo and the Burden of Stopping Massacres within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This may not the correct forum, but this is a very good article on a self-defense mindset we should all have. Source: Oslo and the ...

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Thread: Oslo and the Burden of Stopping Massacres

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    Oslo and the Burden of Stopping Massacres

    This may not the correct forum, but this is a very good article on a self-defense mindset we should all have.

    Source: Oslo and the Burden of Stopping Massacres - International - The Atlantic

    Oslo and the Burden of Stopping Massacres
    By Conor Friedersdorf

    The shootings in Norway, like the attacks on 9/11, are a reminder that we're our own last line of defense

    For most people in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, self-defense needn't be a daily preoccupation. It is rare that someone is murdered by a stranger. Insured against robbery, banks instruct their tellers to hand over cash if they get so much as a threatening note. On city streets muggers are told, "Take what you like, just don't hurt me." In suburbs, families who return home to signs of a prowler sit a few doors down in their cars and call for law enforcement. We've unburdened ourselves. The average citizen need never defend the city walls, or join a posse to pursue a horse thief, or patrol his neighborhood. Even wars are now fought by professional soldiers in all-volunteer armies.

    So we forget. That there isn't always someone to call. That sometimes we're confronted by horrors even if we didn't volunteer for them. That we each therefore bear ultimate responsibility for defending ourselves and our communities.

    It is our inescapable burden.

    The people of Littleton, Colorado learned that lesson when two Columbine High School students went on their rampage. On 9/11, the passengers on Flight 93 understood it in real time, and heroically marked the beginning of a new American era in air travel: never again are passengers going to submit to a hijacking without fighting back. The victims of Virginia Tech were confronted with this hard truth too. All they could do to defend themselves was barricade doors.

    There is evil in the world.

    I am nevertheless struck by this passage from the New York Times account of the gunman's attack in the Oslo, Norway massacre: "Dressed as a police officer, he announced that he had come to check on the security of the young people who were attending a political summer camp there, many of them the children of members of the governing Labor Party," the newspaper reported. "He gathered the campers together and for some 90 hellish minutes he coolly and methodically shot them, hunting down those who fled. At least 85 people, some as young as 16, were killed."

    There is no way to stop a determined man from turning a gun on innocents. But I wonder: Is there a way to react so that a lone gunman cannot carry out a 90 minute massacre of 85 people? Could it be accomplished without adverse unintended consequences if a marginally bigger percentage of people armed themselves? Or even if they just changed their attitudes in the same fashion as American air travelers after 9/11? In an age of terrorism need all our mindsets change?

    After massacres and disasters, governments ask themselves, "What laws can we pass so that this is less likely to happen again?" It's a perilous question. Carnage often leads to irrational policy. But attempts at an answer are inevitable. More often than not, mine is, "It's unwise to rely only on the government." It's an impulse that is often mocked when cautious types are seen buying emergency supplies, or organizing disaster drills, or scoping out unattended bags at the train station, or applying for a concealed weapons permit and gun safety classes. But it beats trying to say safer by launching foreign wars and infringing on civil liberties. And I suspect the mockery is often a defense mechanism against a hard truth: that there is no entity that can give us the degree of safety we imagined having; that re-burdening ourselves is sadly necessary.
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    Mr. Friedersdorf gets it!
    Great article, thanks for posting.
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    Do ya think!
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    State of Guns and Religion
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    I think they need to wipe the smirk off that asses face as he was being taken away in the patrol car by accidently driving in the lake and unable to rescue the POS from drowning
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    Great article! I wish that most people would think like that. In my home country of Costa Rica, the Police is terribly inefficient and late to arrive at the scene for help. Therefore, most of the civilians are buying handguns and applying for concealed carry permits. In the past few years there have been many incidents such as a rapist shot dead by a female IDPA member with an M&P9c, a car jacking thwarted by a citizen and his 1911, a store robbery thwarted by a shotgun and many other incidents were victims equalized the power of the aggressors with their own sidearms. I think that the trend of self-defense in Costa Rica is catching on and most people are tired of being a victim and waiting for the police to arrive. We also had a massacre in Costa Rica were three armed robbers with AK-47's stormed into a Bank and opened fire against everyone killing about 15 people including civilians, bank workers and police. It took the police about 60 minutes to stop the attack. If there would've been more civilians carrying this terrible ordeal would have been stopped quicker.
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    I agree a good article. Sadly we as humans ( usually) hang so dearly onto life that lives are lost. I have never been in a situation like that but if those kids would have rushed the shooter, fewer lives would have been lost. Would I want to have been the person who yells" lets get him"? Heck no! BG's pull up in a car and point a gun at a girl and say get in the car or I will kill you. So they get in and after hours of rape and tourture they are killed. It is Human nature to hang onto life for as long as we can. Nothing is going to stop crazies from killing people. The danger is that we rely on government to feel safe. We allow laws that take away our freedoms so that we don't have to take responsibility for our own safety. In order to uphold the human rights of criminals we give up our own. If we scream loud and long we are called fanatics or conservative wacko's. If we speak quietly with political correctness and try to change the system, main stream media and liberal politicians run over us like ants on a freeway. This is the beginning of senseless killings not the end. ONLY peoples mindset can change the tide. I think those brave folks who stopped the hijackers on 9/11 have saved the lives of countless others. BG's want only one thing, to make their point, if humanity can collectively stand together against this madness fewer lives will be lost. . Stories of success ( in the mind of the killers) breed more events. Personal security is your responsibility and nobody elses.
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    For personal security to truly work we need the binds taken off so that we may truly protect ourselves.
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