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Here is an interesting thought for training.

This is a discussion on Here is an interesting thought for training. within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm not a fan of the idea. Prison should be punishment and I see way too many liabilities with this. No way....

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Thread: Here is an interesting thought for training.

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    I'm not a fan of the idea. Prison should be punishment and I see way too many liabilities with this. No way.
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    I'm not sure I would want a criminal to see that I owned/carried a gun. Assuming it wasn't a lifer, they would know where to steal one from and/or who to shoot first. Or they would slip a note or make a phone call to their buddies outside to provide what directions they could about who and where, you know?

    If they could isolate everybody and allow contact only with family or lawyers...cut off the free education opportunities somehow, in other words...I would feel better about the way the prison system worked in this country.
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    Should have elaborated more.

    The criminals only involvement will be "Go do what you do." with minimal padding for the sumunition rounds. Once they are done, back to isolation while the instructor goes over what happened and what the student did right/wrong, what they could have done.

    Again, their only function is to do what they do with only the skills they have. Rotating them out will keep them from learning from their experiences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    After reading a couple threads in the "Scenario" forum, I got to pondering an idea for some defensive pistol training.

    Reaction training class for what would be considered the most common/justifiable situations for use of deadly force using felons/convicts/violent offenders as the aggressor (they will do what they always do when committing their crimes).

    Give them a pistol with simunitions and real basic instructions. "Go through that door, and rob the place/or people - do what you did when you got busted", let it play out. When it is done, remove the BG, and review/correct if needed the students actions. Rinse and repeat.

    Work out a deal with the local jail/prison to keep rotating the BGs through so they don't get lazy or over aggressive (READ - tired of getting shot at, and just start shooting).

    I think it would be kind of a win/win. Your average Jane/Joe gets to deal with real criminals doing what they do in as much as a real life random unfolding of events, the criminals in turn find out that there are a lot of their "potential paydays" getting trained on how to deal with what they do, and hopefully make some life changing career decisions.

    Just a pre-caffeine pondering.
    I say just do a FOF class with a good instructor. You will learn as much being the BG as you do being the GG, maybe more. You would be surprised at how good a BG some students can be. Plus you are learning to think like a BG acting as such.
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    Don't use inmates, use trained staff as the BG's. Videotape the encounters and have the entire class comment on each person's performance.

    The best way to learn is by doing.
    "How much self-defense is too much?"

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