TDI training and spare parts

TDI training and spare parts

This is a discussion on TDI training and spare parts within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Finally signed up for TDI's handgun courses in early October. I am planning to take the M&P40 for primary use with a M&P40c and Five-Seven ...

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Thread: TDI training and spare parts

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    TDI training and spare parts

    Finally signed up for TDI's handgun courses in early October. I am planning to take the M&P40 for primary use with a M&P40c and Five-Seven or a .22 for backup. I have never participated in anything that will require this volume of rounds for three sequential days. The plan is to put together a spare parts list of items to have on hand in case of a breakage of the M&P during the day. A recoil spring/guide rod is already on the list, but what else should be included? I'm comfortable doing most of my own gunsmithing work, but don't want to go hog-crazy buying parts that are not likely to wear out with this type of action.

    Has anyone experienced a part failure during a training course that they wished having a simple replacement part on hand would have solved the problem?

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    Not TDI, and not in consecutive days, but over the last couple of months, I've easily racked up that round-count, taking my "class" XDm9 full-size to now nearing 12,000 rounds fired (since November, 2010, when I purchased her second-hand from a friend who'd put about 200-300 rounds through her already).

    Of these last series of shots, the pistol had not been cleaned - about every 500 rounds or so, just a couple of drops of lube by breaking the pistol down into the slide and grip/frame components, not even a true field-strip.

    I don't usually abuse my hardware. Rather, it's that I've been trying to elicit some malfunctions so that I can get in the drills without having to literally load spent casings into my magazine. I've since cleaned the pistol, awaiting my next class in September.

    Given that you're going to be there for three days of running your gun hard, yes, I think it's smart that you're both bringing backup (are they going to allow the .22?) as well as thinking about investing in a basic "parts-kit." The point I'm trying to make in my post is not that you shouldn't do what you're planning to do, but rather, I'm hoping to put you more at-ease by telling you that I truly believe that a quality firearm should easily be able to put through its paces in the manner you're planning to, without being any worse for wear.

    Have fun in the class! I hope to get there next summer.

    Oh, and I almost forgot - don't just bring spare parts for the guns: remember that spare parts for holsters/belts (i.e. Chicago screws that might loosen, Kydex clips may crack and break, etc.), as well as spare holsters and belts aren't a completely silly idea. Similarly, bring spare parts for yourself: fingers/hands inevitably get scuffed up and cut (I put in three spent casings per magazine in one of my last classes - I got a blister on one finger, cuts on two others, and a bruise the perfect imprint of the magazine base-plate on my support/reaction hand!). I prefer a Band-Aid underlying a layer of duct-tape. An electrician friend of mine swears by electrical tape, and I'm thinking about switching, if only for the fact that matte-black looks more tactical than duct-tape silver!

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    You should be fine with two M&Ps, TDI also has loaner guns should both go down. I took Pistols II & III and if you want to stay up to bat with the course, you don't want to be tinkering with a gun. FWIW I've taken several multiple day, high round count classes and have not had a gun go down yet, but I do bring a spare gun just in case.

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    I have seen parts failures at training classes, and have had a parts failure/breakage at a shoot.
    Remember, anything made by man can break!

    A spare/identical gun is in my kit for every class/shoot/practice session, etc.... (That way I have all the parts covered )
    Now if both guns go down - well then I'm having a very unlucky day/weekend/week etc...

    My recommendation, always take a spare gun.
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    Forget spare parts, you need a trauma kit on you(Fits in BDU or dockers rear pocket) Adventure Medical Kits - Pak with QuikClot®&product=247 as well as a CAT Combat Application Tourniquet on hand.

    Training is an environment where you get stressed, and a bunch of stressed people w/ guns means accident potential.

    Even if YOU don't know how to treat a GSW, someone else does, and needs the gear to help you.

    It's not a paramedic in a plastic bag - but if the choice is between having nothing and having a basic kit NOW...

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    spare guns holsters and ammo good idea, also a mag loader. uplula is the only one I reccomend. As many mags as possible. muddy clay/silt and glock mags that cant be taken apart in the field as easily as others, arent a good combo I found out.

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    I know this thread is old, I hope it finds the OP in time-

    If it were me, I'd go through the gun prior to going. Bring some cleaning supplies, plenty of magazines and ammo. Cleaning the gun and magazines each night after class will go a long way in preventing stoppages the next day. Some basic spare parts like a guide rod assembly or any that might be prone to loss or breakage might not be a bad idea. Other than your two M&P's I would not bring a third gun, its just one more thing to keep track of during a busy weekend. Don't over think it... You have two quality, capable guns going to the class. If you were shooting junk, I'd advise differently. Do bring all of your holsters- chances are you will want options.

    Do bring stuff to keep you comfortable. A good, but simple first aid kit with plenty of band aids- not because I think you'll be bleeding a lot, but band aids are great for heading off blisters. Peroxide is a must too. Water, some snacks, hand sanitizer and baby wipes all will come in handy. Bring an extra pair of shoes and plenty of socks too- this time of year with the morning do can make you feet miserable in no time. A good hat and a good pair of sunglasses are a must for me too.
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