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How do you hold your gun?

This is a discussion on How do you hold your gun? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; its butt ------------ crossed thumbs with a strong recoil, i've noticed diminishes consistancy. though if you have a very strong hand grip, it may ...

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Thread: How do you hold your gun?

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    2,100 its butt

    crossed thumbs with a strong recoil, i've noticed diminishes consistancy.
    though if you have a very strong hand grip, it may not make much of a difference.

    you don't ask about revolver, but if its a SA than my left thumb does the cocking
    after the 1st shot. that one is done as the gun is drawn and the hammer will be full back
    on or before the gun passes low ready.
    for most DA's or DAO the thumbs are both curled down; left below the right (strong one).
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    DRM's method - there's a reason why a lot of top handgun shooters today use that method.

    For me, the pinky leveraged against the base of the grip - or even the magazine - is simply awesome at controlling recoil, particularly on longer strings, rapid-fire.

    Nothing in my modest collection poses a risk of me charring the tip of my support/reaction-hand thumb, but when I shoot my snubbie, I do curl my thumb over, minding the cylinder gap. For me, this is not really all that big of a deal, in terms of training towards muscle-memory, since my sole utilization of the snubbie is to shoot, literally, "out of my jacket pocket" (and yes, before you ask, I do train this way...I buy a lot of el-cheapo hoodies ), and is thus done one handed. Similarly, when I make longer-range/"surgical" shots, I alter this grip a little as I really like the tip that Chris Cerino, who is a local trainer for me, gave me at a pistol clinic: I "flag" my firing/weapon-hand thumb. Although the latter isn't something that I'd do shooting close-range, under stress, it is something that I've trained my brain to "switch over to," so that I can use when I've broken myself out of the fight/flight biological response, when I've "un-cave-man'ed," so to speak.

    For me, for "defensive" pistol shooting, I've found that the near-convulsive "100/100" crush-grip as favored by Magpul, combined with the "Roll-Over Wrist Lock" of DRM, to work wonderfully well, and offers an excellent combination of speed, precision/accuracy, and consistency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    I assume from the pix that both thumbs end up pointing in the same direction as the firearm and the offhand thumb is an extension of the offhand forearm.
    Yes, both thumbs forward...

    Contrary to what Todd Jarrett teaches, the forearm has nothing to do with how the weapon points. The position of the gun in the strong hand (i.e., The Grip) is the determining factor.
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