Weather report

Weather report

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Thread: Weather report

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    Weather report

    I am taking a two day tactical handgun class on Saturday and Sunday. Here is the 10 day weather report

    Monday - Sunny
    Tuesday - Sunny
    Wednesday - Sunny
    Thursday - Sunny
    Friday - Sunny
    Saturday - Rain
    Sunday - Rain
    Monday - Sunny
    Tuesday - Sunny
    Wednesday - Sunny

    How does that happen??
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    Murphy doubles as a Rain God when he is not causing other havoc?

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    You sure you're not in Michigan.....same happens here

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    Just lucky? I mean, anyone can train in sunshine. You get to train in stressful weather conditions for the same price. Cool!

    Seriously, though, I feel your pain. I have a one day class this Saturday. I've been looking at the weather since last week. Sometimes you roll sevens and sometimes you roll snake eyes.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Train in any weather as the BG knows you are more vulnerable when the weather is bad. Plus if you can do it well in bad weather you can do it in good.

    Happy training and have fun.
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    Hi Steve:

    I am doing the same thing with a Suarez International course this week-end. Using my PPS. Fortunately the weather is supposed to be great. We can compare notes next week. BTW, did you get my response to your PM?
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    Shoot lots of...stuff... for me!! I'll be in a wedding all day, and not allowed to shoot anything.

    Have fun, and remember that the rain, mud, and other nasty stuff is just a way of distracting you. When the weather is clear, you'll be even better at it than you are when it's wet and nasty outside.
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