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    Are you required to qualify? If so, what are the stages, distances, number of rounds, etc....?

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    To qualify for concealed carry? That depends on the state in which you are applying. AZ doesn't require a shooting qualification anymore. AZ used to require 5 shots at 5yrds and 5 at 10 yrds all in center mass of a silhouette iirc. Now you can apply if you've taken hunter safety.

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    40 yards to 3 yards. 50 shots for 250 points. Must score 75 to pass. Qualify every 3 months.
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    In FL, it was about 5-7 yds and you could use as little as 10 rounds to the whole box. Placement was secondary. I think the instructor just wanted to hear a bunch of "bangs".
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    I have not had to qualify since 1992.
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    In KY we had to fire 20 rounds at 20 feet into a full size silhouette target and 11 out of 20 had to be inside the silhouette. No one in my class failed but I was surprised to see that some people did actually have shots land outside the silhouette. I shot the smallest group in the class as the youngest member of the class and while my group was good, I don't think it was THAT good.

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    In Ohio, successful completion of the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course is required to receive certification to apply for a Concealed Handgun License. For the shooting portion of the course, each student is required to place three five-round shot groups within a nine-inch circle from a range of about fifteen feet from both bench rest and standing two-handed shooting positions.

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    For armed security watches on a ship carrying a Beretta M-9, we have to qualify twice a year. One is the handgun qualification course and the other is the practical weapons course using movement and cover. For the HQC, we have to score at least a 180 to pass and shoot from 5, 15 and 25 yds. using mainly 2 handed shooting (including weak hand shooting, 2 handed). Besides standing, we also do it from a kneeling position. I think a total of 60 rds. is fired.

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    Texas CHL shooting qualification process:

    (a) The proficiency demonstration course will be the same for both instructors and license applications. The course of fire will be at distances of three, seven, and fifteen yards, for a total of fifty rounds.

    (1) Twenty rounds will be fired from three yards, as follows:

    (A) five rounds will be fired "One Shot Exercise"; two seconds allowed for each shot;

    (B) ten rounds will be fired "Two Shot Exercise"; three seconds allowed for each two shots; and

    (C) five rounds will be fired; ten seconds allowed for five shots.

    (2) Twenty rounds will be fired from seven yards, fired in four five-shot strings as follows:

    (A) the first five shots will be fired in ten seconds;

    (B) the next five shots will be fired in two stages:

    (i) two shots will be fired in four seconds; and

    (ii) three shots will be fired in six seconds.

    (C) the next five shots at seven yards will be fired "One Shot Exercise"; three seconds will be allowed for each shot; and

    (D) the last five shots fired at the seven-yard line, the time will be fifteen seconds to shoot five rounds.

    (3) Ten rounds will be fired from fifteen yards, fired in two five-shot strings as follows:

    (A) the first five shots will be fired in two stages:

    (i) two shots fired in six seconds; and

    (ii) three shots fired in nine seconds.

    (B) the last five shots will be fired in fifteen seconds.

    (b) A student must score at least 70% on the written examination and shooting proficiency examination, in order to establish proficiency. A student will have three opportunities to pass the written examination and shooting proficiency examination.

    (c) An instructor must submit failures of the written examination or shooting examination to the department on the class completion notification and must indicate if the failure occurred after the student had been given three opportunities to pass the examination.

    (d) Upon successful completion of both the written and shooting proficiency examinations, the qualified handgun instructor may certify that the concealed handgun license applicant has established his or her proficiency, in a manner to be determined by the department.
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