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Hickok, Hardin and how the dynamics of confrontation remain the same

This is a discussion on Hickok, Hardin and how the dynamics of confrontation remain the same within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Pretty much now on the final season. Just like any series, it can be addicting....

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Thread: Hickok, Hardin and how the dynamics of confrontation remain the same

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    Pretty much now on the final season. Just like any series, it can be addicting.

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    I've done quite a bit of research on John Wesley Hardin over the years. My family can claim some kinship to him. He was also a practicing lawyer in my hometown, after prison and before heading out to El Paso. All the stuff we heard about him growing up ("he shot a man for snoring..") turned out to be exaggeration and myth. What was true was his superior marksmanship with a pistol, and that he never shot except in self-defense. From all accounts of the people who knew him, he was a very likeable man, and also pretty sharp-witted. His father was a Methodist minister, and he had a good education. It's funny to me that his life took such a horrible turn after the wrestling match killing. He was basically on the run from that point until he went to prison. It makes one wonder about where his life would have gone had he not had to kill the first man. I think with his family connections, his education, and his intelligence, we could have been speaking of Hardin as a former governor of Texas, if not something greater. One incident beyond his control dictated the entire course of his life from there on. A cautionary tale for all of us.

    Great write-up! Enjoyed reading this quite a bit.

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    Excellent post!
    "Don't start none, won't be none!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by raytracer View Post
    While I gleaned some solid tactical lessons from these stories, they also gave me some other things to think about.

    Of the three incidents regarding legendary lawman Bill Hickok, in the first, after making a wager he could not make good on he settled upon an exhange of goods to fulfill the debt to both parties' satisfaction. When his debtor excersized his right to free speech by mocking Wild Bill, Hickok then confronted the man and allowed the disagreement to escalate to a lethal encounter.

    In another instance Hickok, under color of authority, vandalizes anothers property and then attempts to abrogate that individual's Second Amendment right, again pushing the matter to lethal violence. And, in the ensuing gunplay, he manages to shoot and kill his own deputy.

    In all of the examined anecdotes of notorious outlaw John Hardin, he was clearly reacting in self defense to ongoing and active threats. In each case Hardin was not the initial agressor and only responded once a lethal attempt had been made on his life.

    Looked at from a modern perspective, most of these encounters of Hardin's would be pretty defensible in any jurisdiction with decent Castle Doctrine laws. On the other hand, if I were Bill Hickok - I'd have Johnny Cochrane on speed dial.

    Very good points to consider. I was thinking same things. I had always thought that Hardin was a real "bad guy". But doesn't necessarily appear so, after reading some of this.

    Interesting stuff.

    'Be careful, even in small matters' - Miyamoto Musashi

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