OMG, he's got a...

OMG, he's got a...

This is a discussion on OMG, he's got a... within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Watching the Outdoor life program on suppressors, I'm thinking about hearing protections. o The problem with Ranges is often not that guns are in a ...

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Thread: OMG, he's got a...

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    OMG, he's got a...

    Watching the Outdoor life program on suppressors, I'm thinking about hearing protections.

    o The problem with Ranges is often not that guns are in a 'suburban' setting but the NOISE
    o Many recreational shooters want to hear their grandchildren calling them (high pitched voices)
    o LEOs need to be able to fire their ARs as needed and not blow out their eardrums;
    o Home defense is problematic in part due to the noise. Do you really want to fire an unsuppressed shotgun/1911 .45/or even a .380 BUG inside your bedroom, car, closet?

    ...and on and on.

    I was gearing up to go out, BUG, spare mag, and I picked up my hearing protection to put it in my shirt zipper pocket and thought "AcK, what if I have to shoot, I'm in my car and see the BG coming toward me, and they find hearing protection on me, in my possession!!". Maybe I'm coming from the range and I still have my little earplugs on a loop around my neck. I'm seen with shooting glasses and hearing protection (or gawd forbid) a suppressor on my 9mm. RUN/OMGZ he shot the poor teenager who was just turning his life around by jacking a car and he had on tac gear - he's out of control, planned to shoot the kid, blah, blah, blah.

    It's stupid. I already have tinnitus. I'm not a hit man. My friend is not Annie Oakley or an agent of terror b/c she practices at the range and has other gear, like glasses, a suppressor, a green laser. It's SAFETY gear. (the laser could, arguably assist in NOT shooting someone beside the BG).

    What if you were the only one with airbags and seatbelts in your car and you T-boned someone who ran a red light? In another world they might say "OMGZ, he had a specially rigged car so he could drive into the side of people who just forgot to stop at a stop sign - he's a Berserker." Sounds dumb, right?

    I really FEEL for LEOs who carry OTJ and might have to get their .45 out and blast someone then spend the next week unable to hear anything, PTSD-ing, sued for shooting a teenager involved in mob violence. Do LEOs carry hearing protection? If not how do they cope? How does anyone cope?

    Do you just assume you can stick one finger in your ear and fire one handed? Do you use the 'raised shoulder over ear' position. Do you put your ear plugs in (if you practice and wear them like necklace it could take a fraction of a second or two)?

    The Outdoor Life show said you should be able to buy a suppressor in a gun store, it's not a firearm, for the $5 fee of a BG-check. But due to watching too much 'Man from U.N.C.L.E', the populace considers YOU the BadGuy if you should have one of those (and $$$ to give the ATF).

    Wut do?

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    Well most often when involved in a threatening situation the body will find ways to protect itself.

    In a fight or flight type situation most people will experience several changes including but not limited to tunnel vision, increased sweating, urge to urinate, auditory exclusion and so on. An example is when a hunter shoots his game he may or may not experience the ringing in his ears associated with loud noises due to auditory exclusion. Now firing a weapon in the house there is a good chance that you will suffer some damage to your hearing will you notice it at that time? Who knows.

    Some tactical doctrines teach that hearing protection of some type, hopefully electronic, be included in your home defense kit along with ammo, light and so on. I dont know that I have ever used hearing protection in a real world activity indoors save a raid or two and it was mainly communications related not actual earpro. If involved in an actual SD incident you would not, as least I would not, have the time or forethought to put in earpro. My hearing at that point would be secondary to my life.

    As far as the rest of the gear you mentioned I wear the same Oakley's on the range as I do every other time of day except for lens color. The laser mounted to the handgun not an issue. The suppressor in normal settings would make the firearm to big and unwieldy to conceal in anything except a home defense enviroment. Legalities, in my opinion, would not be anything major as the suppressor is an item legally purchased and registered to you or a trust. The impression or interpretation given by or received in a court of law if it got that far may be something different.

    Suppressor's can be purchased in the right type of gunshop and all you do is wait on the paperwork, pay your $200 and you are good to go. There will always be the public perception of what a suppressor does and who uses them, thank god for television and movies, but generally speaking once explained to the average person would understand the concept of ownership.

    Yes LEO's have to cope with a lot of wondering, what if things everyday but thankfully for all of us they keep on going despite of things that are said or done to them.
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    When the SHTF, you don't have any time to worry about hearing protection, or anything else, all of your normal thinking is done after the event, and that is when you will have your problems, if you are going to have them.
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    If you hunt with a gun you know that firing in the field without ear protection is negligable at best. You don't even hear the sound as your concentrating on your target. All your attention is geared towards one thing and everything else is blocked out untill after the shot.....I can believe this to be true in a defensive incident as well.

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    2,100 pretty much forgotten a rather humorous ( for me) event of the mid 70's.

    i was like a rent collector and coming down the stairs of a 3 floor/3 family home and i knew there
    were people against the ground floor door waiting on me ( gaps in the stair well let me see a slice of the door from above). i could not retreat as there was no one home upstairs
    so as i eased around the bend of the lower stair case with my hand in my pocket on a charter arms ( that and a ppk/s was what i carried than)
    one of the 3 of them says to me that he has a knife (he was the only one with a hand not visible to me) and 'gimme the money'.

    from the angle of his hand and the size of the pocket, the knife could not have been very large and i was 6 stairs up and 10 feet from them.
    i said nothing as i took the chewing gum out of my mouth and begin putting it in my ear---
    which had them saying *** you doing...i said gimme the money or i'll....

    i cut him off by saying that when my gun went off i did not want to be deaf in both ears. i shook my pocket with the gun in it and
    they began to talk to each other. almost like i was not there and than one says 'f you man....some other day ' and they sauntered on out.

    Hiram...sometimes there is time. and for some--we do our best thinking in the oddest of times.
    though a good grounding in elements of SA and SD are required as i believe that one most often defaults
    to their training (or basic nature) without which they will seldom do all correctly all that a SHTF event may require of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xXxplosive View Post
    If you hunt with a gun you know that firing in the field without ear protection is negligable at best. You don't even hear the sound as your concentrating on your target. All your attention is geared towards one thing and everything else is blocked out untill after the shot.....I can believe this to be true in a defensive incident as well.
    I can attest. I shot an 8 point buck last month and during the story telling mentioned that I don't even remember hearing the shot. While sighting in that same rifle at the beginning of the season, I forgot to put on hearing protection at an outdoor range and I surely remember hearing that one. LOL.
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    Hearing protection out on the range yes. Hunting, home invasion or self defence. This won't hurt you. Even a bad shot (5 or 6) won't hurt you. Long time exxposure is the harmfull one.

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    I agree with many of the comments.

    On the range, use hearing protection. I use Peltors that will cancel out loud noises, but can still hear normal conversation.

    In a self - defense situation, you won't hear it or even think about it. Believe me ... I didn't care at all or notice the sound of those .357 rounds going off. Plus, I hope the noise encourages their cohorts to run the other direction... so it may serve a purpose.

    If you lose hearing over time due to not using hearing protection, you will still hear the high pitch voices of grandchildren, you will lose your Low / deep tone hearing and may not hear grandma. Not sure that's a totally bad thing.
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