How to carry - the Utility Belt method?

How to carry - the Utility Belt method?

This is a discussion on How to carry - the Utility Belt method? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've tried all sorts of carry methods from 5.11 underarm velcro pocket stretch shirts - great for Summer and Winter, to IWB, OWB under the ...

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    How to carry - the Utility Belt method?

    I've tried all sorts of carry methods from 5.11 underarm velcro pocket stretch shirts - great for Summer and Winter, to IWB, OWB under the belt, kydex, leather, snapped, flapped, retention, pocket and here's what I'm doing now.

    I have my home defense gun (lost in a tragic boating accident) in a snapped leather holster, on a webbed belt, with flashlight, spare ammo pouch, hearing protex, spare 911 cell phone, binoculars, pepper spray, buckled and hanging by the bed. I can easily reach the firearm, I remove it and put it under the headboard on a headboard shelf (out of visual range for strangers) when I retire or nap. In the event of a problem I can grab the gun and put the webbed belt on my shoulder - all my gear is there IF I have time to use it, but not spread around the room.

    I'm now carrying my BUG in a fanny pack, oriented to the appendix carry, cross-draw with camera and cell-phone clipped on and keys. When I go out I put this on every time. So I'm always armed. Sometimes, I'll put a main carry firearm in a holster, holster shirt. But I live in a very safe part of town in a safe area, and my partner carries a revolver. So two guns all the time, one a .380, one a .357 magnum. We rarely separate but have cellphones and use them like walkie-talkies if needed. This elevates my carry to 18/7 hours per day without fail. It also means I have my camera, pepper spray, cell phone and a spare mag on me at all times.

    If I need to I can unzip the fanny pack and shoot through the side of the pack (I just orient and try to shoot from point-blank range, I figure).

    It keeps me from having to always have a thick belt and tac pants on. I can be wearing swim trunks and still be armed.

    IMO, (in progress) the best mode of carry is ubiquitous, all-purpose, fits every event. YES a BG can cut your fanny pack strap and take your stuff (I carry the permit there, wallet elsewhere). You can buy a fanny pack with a cut-resistant wire embedded in it.


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    Don't forget your keys to the batmobile. Just kidding. Your method seems a bit extreme to me. I prefer the grey man theory. I don't like attracting attention to myself with things like a fanny pack. Tactical clothing or anything else that screams "gun". I carry a full sized glock on a standard gun belt. I have oc is my support pocket. Blade in my strong side pocket I carry a spare mag in my support back pocket. As far as at home I have quick access to my glock. And then my hd shotgun. If you wake me up from a nap you set a gun not oc. I carry daily and nothing about my dress or carry method draws extra attention to myself. I always scan the crowds I am in and look out for "the guy to take out first if shtf". I am sure the BGs do that too. Being an armed prepared civilian is not about being batman,But about going about your daily business.
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