Special parking lot tactics

Special parking lot tactics

This is a discussion on Special parking lot tactics within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When going to the Mall, grocery store etc I try and increase security with various little tricks, example. When looking for a space I usually ...

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Thread: Special parking lot tactics

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    Special parking lot tactics

    When going to the Mall, grocery store etc I try and increase security with various little tricks, example. When looking for a space I usually park back in the lot where no one else is, not where there are a lot of hiding places, close to a light pole. When waiting or parking I always back into a space and as when driving do a continuous mirror sweep, drivers mirror has one of those fish eye mirrors added to eliminate blind spots. Make eye contact with every one in the vicinity, make a mental note of dress and demeanor, and observe as long as possible.
    OK so share your ideas on how to stay safer while in the PL.
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    About the same. Also I will atleast crack a window for increased hearing , and look for an one else sitting in a vehicle.
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    Yep - bottom line is giving some thought to where to park - scope out vulnerabilities and cover/concealment.

    In fact our friend - situational awareness
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    +1 on looking for people waiting in cars. Also I park away from other cars etc...stuff already mentioned.
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    Before exiting and entering my vehicle I am on my most alerted. These are the times I have the least situational info.
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    Open windows on both sides of car, but most important, Use your mirrors. If I am parked waiting for my wife, I use the electric mirrors to help cover the blind spots, if any.

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    Yep, same here.
    Find a spot away from the front where everyone crams together.
    Near a lightpost if at night (or will be coming out after dark).
    Leave a couple of spaces between me and next car, even if I have to walk a little more (they tell me it's good for me).
    If available, park backed to a wall so there are no surprises from behind.

    I like the idea of listening through an open window and using the electric mirrors (in the one car they are available.
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    Awareness is the number one tool we have at our disposal...
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    Head is on a swivel, I make eye contact, and I really use my ears.

    If I have to load the car, the wife simply plays sentinel. If I am busy she is my eyes.

    After dark.... J-frame in my front pocket....hand is on the gun.....especially at Walmart.
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    Good advice from all...My .02 is to "greet and smile". When you encounter someone else walking through the parking lot, keep your head up, make eye contact, and say "good (time of day)". This allows you to make a judgement of the person and also tells the person that you have seen them and are aware of them.
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    Scan of the lot with greater frequency (ie, head/eyes on a swivel). In a lot I'm unfamiliar with, cruise through and park on the opposite end, since that cruise through the lot will afford an initial viewing. I've passed on some destinations given what I've seen in that initial viewing. Look completely over my shoulder as I'm exiting the door. Being continuously aware of the next car I'm approaching. Generally speaking, any car I'm in has the doors and windows locked, and that precludes a lot of snatch+grab type "hits" immediately upon slowing or stopping. I've survived a couple of attempted car jackings this way, by simply having them locked.

    Beyond that, there's not a lot one can do, given all of the places to hide from line-of-sight.
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    Be Very Alert...

    and look confident...the BG's tend to look for the weakest prey!

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    If you see someone suspicious, puff up your chest and ask him if there is a gym close by.
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