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Carrying with one in the pipe?

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Thread: Carrying with one in the pipe?

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    always one in the tube.
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
    - Sir Winston Churchill

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    I carry either a .45, condition 1 cocked and locked.
    Or a wheel gun with no safety.
    When I first started carrying I was uncomfortable with this, but I've grown accustomed to it and would never carry without a chambered round.
    My ccw instructor showed us how easy and fast it is to disarm someone with a pistol in close quarters by demonstrating techniqes that he said bg's practice in prison.

    btw - any gun should be treated as if it has a round in the chamber, whether it does or not.

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    I have been practicing draw techniques and although I can bring my weapon to bear quicker with one in the pipe, it only takes an instant for me to rake one in on the way up. Takes approx. 1 second longer to rake one in drawing from a side paddle holster.
    I'm sure you can -- IF you have both hands free.

    What are you going to do if your support hand is busy? You might be using your support hand to:

    - fend off the perp.
    - push your SO to cover.
    - carry a child.
    - carry a grocery bag.
    - open a door.

    Have you practiced cycling the slide with one-hand? There are techniques to do so, but they aren't fast and aren't as reliable.

    Do you really want to be holding a 20oz, short club?

    I suggest you spend your time learning how to properly draw and reholster with a chambered round. You can learn that just as quickly as you can learn how to draw and chamber a round.

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    1 second too long

    An average healthy man can cover 20 feet in 1.5 seconds. You might want to hang on to that extra second.

    When the need is greatest 1911 is faster than 911

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    I saw a show on shoot outs where a jewelry store owner was shot by a bad guy after they drew simultaneously. His safety was on and he panicked, unable to flick it to fire. This guy barely got the gun out and was already being hit with fire. This happened so quickly that I don't ever second guess whether my gun will be ready to fire when I need it. If your being attacked, your already a step behind, why complicate things more. When I was younger(still young dude) I used to think it was right to keep a fresh mag in the gun and rack it to show "whoever" I meant business. This is Hollywood nonsense and could get you killed. If you practice good gun handling(no trigger fondling)you are safer, in my opinion, with a gun that shoots upon demand. Point and click.
    The Problem: When stupid people do stupid things, smart people end up getting killed.

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