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Where do you practice?

This is a discussion on Where do you practice? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I shoot at a local range and dry practice at home. You can get a lot of drawing practice at home and simulate reloads without ...

View Poll Results: Where do you practice handgun shooting?

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  • At my home range.

    32 24.81%
  • At a friend's home range.

    9 6.98%
  • Local indoor range.

    56 43.41%
  • Local outdoor range.

    56 43.41%
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Thread: Where do you practice?

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    I shoot at a local range and dry practice at home. You can get a lot of drawing practice at home and simulate reloads without endangering anyone. Make sure your gun is unloaded and check it twice.

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    Local outdoor range and my LEO range. I can do whatever I want as long as I'm safe. I collect my brass at the end and call it a good day of shooting everytime.
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    Make sure your gun is unloaded and check it twice.[/QUOTE]

    Good advice, just like measure twice cut once! Dry practice is very important if you take it serious and do it correctly.

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    I voted local outdoor range although it's not an official range. It's $0 annually and is a large sand pit. Belongs to a family friend and he allows everyone to use it as they please for whatever they want just about, short of dumping trash. I'm considerate and pick up as many casings as I can after I shoot, unfortunately not everyone does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elk Hunter View Post
    I shoot at a local range and dry practice at home. You can get a lot of drawing practice at home and simulate reloads without endangering anyone. Make sure your gun is unloaded and check it twice.
    I do lots of dry-fire practice at home, both with drawing and speed reloads, etc. I've stocked up on snap-caps, just because they seem to go missing during practice and sometimes I'm too lazy to hunt for them under the couch/coffee table/wherever they end up. But the way I draw is getting a good grip on the gun, pulling up into sort of a "compressed ready" or retention position relatively high, and push the gun out so that the sights align with wherever it is I'm looking on the target. I try to recreate mid-draw at the range (gun in a high retention position), but it's awkward to me and I feel like it removes consistency from my training

    Tried to edit the poll to include an option for military/PD, but couldn't figure out how to do it. I guess for now, if you shoot at a military/PD range, whether it be indoor or outdoor, please select one of the "local range" options!
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    Usually at the outdoor Wildlife Management Range. $10 per year and it lets you fish from a bank as well. The range is primitive, but we bring a portable canopy for cover.

    When I'm lucky, my old Marine buddy takes me to his private club's range (Central Alabama Gun Club). Very nice, outdoor, but covered with restrooms.
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    There are some other options in the SW Ohio area, not all of them too spendy, besides the indoor ranges. There are a few gun clubs, that tend to allow more stuff, as long as you are safe while you do it.
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    Always at my home range. I have a series of steel plates set up for handgun and some long range gongs out to 200y.
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    The local Sound of Freedom in Ozark. That's where I got my CCW certification. They wink about draw and fire, as long as you don't do anything stupid. I can practice with my AR in the last eight lanes.

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    Distinguished Member Array Jason Storm's Avatar
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    Used to go to the outdoor range but since they allow more rules that limit tactical shooting, I only go there now just for prone shooting my AR-15 rifle. Otherwise, I do standup shooting at the indoor range and dry-firing using snapcaps using esoterical shooting positions at home afterwards.

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    We have an unsupervised public range. Bring your own sets. Couple of AR guys, and a few shotgunners. Not a lot of traffic. Folks get a wee bit wide eyed when they see me set up IDPA targets and work on speed rocks and triples. Have been asked if I am LEO many times. Used to reply with the truth, that I am a mechanic. A friend advised that folks who have seen the movie by the same name may get the wrong idea. I told him my groups are in plain view, so I ought be safe.

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    Private outdoor range, fairly affordable IMO. $500 first year, $150/year after that. Trap/skeet, pisol-to 50 yds, rifle to 300 yds. Pistol and Rifle bays are covered.

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    I go to a private out door range. Since I'm lazy and don't cast enough bullets to keep up with my own demand I "practice" by shooting in the matches that we host. I try to get out and shoot the Steel Match, ICORE, and IPSC matches every month. New Years resolution is 20 matches this year so hopefully I get there. I can practice shooting while under pressure, moving and reloading, and if for some reason a malfunction occurs I can practice clear drills as well. Plus it's fun.

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    For the most part I practice, and experiment with tactics while going about my normal day... every day. IMO Shooting is the easy part of tactics... I shoot at several different ranges.. two indoor ranges, and two different outdoor ranges.

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    I shoot at my local outdoor shooting range.

    Great people. Great facilities.

    You are allowed to work from the holster on two of the five ranges.

    Martin County Sportmen's Association inc.


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