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Is there a good reason for FOF training?

This is a discussion on Is there a good reason for FOF training? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've taken one FOF class and it was a real eye-opener. There's so much involved in each scenario besides pulling your weapon and hitting the ...

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Thread: Is there a good reason for FOF training?

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    I've taken one FOF class and it was a real eye-opener. There's so much involved in each scenario besides pulling your weapon and hitting the target. What is said and done by everyone before weapons are involved? How do I respond when the "Bad Guy" says this and will what I say or do calm or escalate the situation? What justifies me pulling my weapon? What justifies me shooting? What do I do after shooting? What if cops pull up? I learned you have to think and act quickly. One of the biggest things our instructor taught is that it's not over til it's over. If you are truly fighting for your life DO NOT give up. He said 80% of gunshot victims survive the shooting. You may come out of it bloody and hurt but chances are you will survive.

    In my scenarios I was grazed on my left forearm and had a knife injury to my left hand, but the bad guys went down.

    He let us all practice the scenario where the BG was holding a knife to a hostage's throat and hiding behind the hostage. We all nailed it, though I know I'm not Liam Neeson at the end of Taken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caertaker View Post
    Given the recent incident in New York City where the LEOs were responsible for shooting 9 by-standers perhaps Mayor Bloomberg should invest in FOF training for his officers instead of worrying how large of a soda one can buy. No criticism of LEOs is intended.

    Just How Many Bystanders Did New York Police Shoot? - National - The Atlantic Wire

    Back on track, FOF training is on my list of things to do.
    Same in my area but in the city, 92 shots 14 hit the suspect. Happens alot. Im not judging but I'd like to think for ours and their OWN safety, they get the training they need!

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    There is a reason sports teams scrimmage and practice under game conditions.

    There is a reason that boxers spar.

    You can only do so much by yourself practicing for an interactive event. You NEED to experience the other person trying to assault you. And paper and cardboard do not make good muggers. If you don't ever experience at least a close approximation of what will really happen then you will be far more likely to freeze and observe than to act when confronted with the real thing. The only hting that acts and moves like people people.

    Also there is a learning curve to combat. There is a reason the military war games scenarios. If you screw up when it is real then death is a real possibility. It is far better to make the mistakes in training and learn from them than to make the first mistakes when death or crippling injury is the consequence.

    Rex Applegate said he was in 5 or 6 gunfights before he had a good grasp on how things happened.....that is A LOT of chances to get killed and few people in civilian USA will get in 6 gunfights..however through structured FOF evolutions you can get hundreds of gunfights worth of experience without getting killed for real.

    By training it against a live adversary in FOF you see what an attack looks like from the beginning so you will speed up your recognition and (hopefully) speed up your responses and change the way you think. The FIRST time you see someone maneuver up on you and pull a gun or knife should not be when it is REAL. If it will likely stand there wasting time convincing yourself this is real (or trying to rationalize that it is not) instead of getting ahead of the reactionary curve and taking action.

    If all you ever do is shoot paper and cardboard ...all you are doing is learning to shoot bullseye matches ...or training to be a member of a firing squad.

    And as to the misses in real shootings.....there are physiological changes you undergo in a life and death stress level situation. Also the target is not just standing at if you combine people who have never trained against a live opponent (not knowing what to expect) and who have never trained in an adrenalized state, the misses are almost expected. Just shooting a piece of paper is not training for an interactive situation any more than punching the heavy bag or the speed bag is training for a boxing match.
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