Gunfight posturing

Gunfight posturing

This is a discussion on Gunfight posturing within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here is another quote from Grossman of the fight on the battlefield but I see that in bold applying to CCer's. While on the battlefield ...

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Thread: Gunfight posturing

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    Gunfight posturing

    Here is another quote from Grossman of the fight on the battlefield but I see that in bold applying to CCer's. While on the battlefield you would shoot them in the back as they run away, we as CCer's can not. But the psychological posturing before the fight beings may cause the BG not to engage to start with. But once the fight is on then you need to become so violent the the BG remembers other places he needs to be, if you have not already shot him to the ground.

    Looking like you could eat him alive, before, the fight may work. But if it does happen then actually be able to eat him or them alive. While the fight is going on is not the time to worry about being PC and DA. You have to be alive for them to matter.

    The battlefield is truly psychological in nature. In this realm, the individual who puffs himself up the biggest or makes the loudest noise is likely to win. From one perspective, the actual battle is a process of posturing until one side or another turns and runs, and then the real killing begins. Thus posturing is critical to warfare and the side that does it best will gain a significant advantage on the battlefield.Lt. Col. Dave Grossman,
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    The only cases I have heard of where the defenders caught heat for shooting fleeing assailants were ones in which they shot after the bg was clearly down and out of the fight.
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    This is a good point. Posturing can be very effective in dealing with a BG. Most, not all, of BGs are cowards. They derive their control of a situation through fear and intimidation. They are counting on their victim to be afraid and willing to submit to their will.

    I have studied body language all my life. People seldom realize they are saying just as much or more with their posture, eyes, facial expressions and gestures as they do with spoken words. All of us can 'read' this unspoken language but generally we do it at a subconscious level.

    A gun is not always enough. If they sense that you afraid and unwilling to use your gun it will encourage them to press their attack. This sense comes from reading your unspoken language.

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    We are all, at the end of the day, animals. When threatened, there are no members of the animal kingdom that attempt to make themselves appear smaller or less-dangerous. Bears stand up, dogs bare their teeth, cats arch their backs, cobras flair their necks, etc., etc. I have never been able to abide a BULLY. i learned early that steely-eyed confidence & (almost) happy anticipation often carried the day without split lip.
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