Anyone have any experience with Suarez International?

Anyone have any experience with Suarez International?

This is a discussion on Anyone have any experience with Suarez International? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; They are offering a defensive handgun class nearby and I was wondering if there was any first hand knowledge of their class. Thanks. November 17, ...

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Thread: Anyone have any experience with Suarez International?

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    Anyone have any experience with Suarez International?

    They are offering a defensive handgun class nearby and I was wondering if there was any first hand knowledge of their class.


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    ps, meant to emphesize an SI class is well worth your time, effort, and coin. Enjoy!

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    Randy Harris is an outstanding instructor. Your time and money will be well spent with any S.I. class.

    It's best to try to match the classes we attend with our skill levels. If you have any doubts contact S.I., they are great people to deal with.

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    Absolutely top notch, cutting edge training. Theirs is the best training that I have ever received in my life. You will not be sorry if you decide to take the class. Your only concern will be which class to take next. So far I have taken Close Range Gunfighting, Dynamics of the Shotgun, Fight Focused Handgun, and Advanced Combat Pistol Marksmanship, plus a one-day knife fighting class sponsored by my local SI instructor Roger Phillips. I don't regret a penny that I have spent and I look forward to my future training with Roger and Suarez Intl.

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    SI Training

    Ditto what the others have said. Outstanding training, reasonably priced.

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    I have trained with Randy as well. Great instructor and Suarez offers great courses.

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    I've taken one of their classes and so has the wife:

    AAR: Suarez Intl. Point Shooting Progressions w/ Roger Phillips and Greg Nichols

    The Lima Review of Suarez International Force on Force Training with Steve Collins

    I'm looking forward to taking some more of their classes and while I haven't taken the class referenced in this thread, I have other friends/students that have and it's worth it.

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    Any time you get a chance to train with SI it is a good thing. I really don't need that class but I'm thinking strongly about signing up myself. It is just a question of whether I want to go to WV and watch my Sooners play some football or if I want to take the class. I'm still undecided, but am leaning towards the class. If you knew me you'd know that missing a football game to do ANYTHING is almost unthinkable.
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    Randy Harris here,

    Just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU for the kind words about me as an instructor. I take what we do as a mission to teach people to the best of my ability the skills (both mental and physical) to keep them, their loved ones, their communities and their country safe. What we do could directly affect whether or not someone prevails in a life threatening situation. As such, I take it very seriously. I appreciate that you guys appreciate the work I do. Thank You.
    Randy Harris
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    IDPA Master class SSP ,ESP,CCP,BUG

    TRAIN with me....

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