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Laser sight question

This is a discussion on Laser sight question within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I put 150 rounds through my Ruger 45/22 equipped with a laser and another 175 rounds through my CT equipped 1911s. I switched back and ...

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Thread: Laser sight question

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    I put 150 rounds through my Ruger 45/22 equipped with a laser and another 175 rounds through my CT equipped 1911s. I switched back and forth between the sights and the laser. I'm not ready to make any conclusions yet but here is what I noticed.

    Draw and fire multiple shots at 6 feet, essentially point shooting... I see the laser but don't need it. Runs without the laser are the same as with the laser
    Draw and fire one shot at 30 feet... laser works fine
    Double taps at 30 feet... trying to use the laser for both shots slowed me down. I tried going from dot on the first shot to sights on the second. This was better and more instinctive than I thought.
    Multiple targets. I had two IPSC style targets set up at 30 feet about 3 feet apart. The best approach on those was first shot laser and subsequent shots sights.
    I found that the laser helped me get on the second target better when it is at the edge of my periphery vision. To test this I set up a 3rd target 40 feet away from me spaced about 20 feet from the first two. In this instance the second target is in my periphery vison and far enough away that I can't 'index' from the first target.

    Note I did not use a timer, the speed comparisons are my perception.

    I'd still like to compare sights to the Laser dot on a moving target.

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    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost tracker View Post
    Practice & learn to use iron sights, period. Laser dots are auxiliary sighting devices, they're (IMHO) never intended to replace iron sights. Batteries die, lens break, screw strip & systems fail. Iron sights are anvil tough & low-tech reliable. Yes, lasers have their place & CT are among the best. When shooting from behind cover or from the hip on your back? Lasers (pardon the pun) do absolutely shine. But I DO NOT want to slow my response to a deadly threat by looking for a little red dot against a red plaid shirt when putting my front sight squarely center-mass will do just fine. Most defensive shootings are at bad-breath distances anyway. And a number of well-respected instructors tape off lasers & sometimes even sights to make that point clear.
    This is as good a reply to use as a quote and add that within the context of what ghost tracker has said, "point shoot" is probably the preeminent and first line of defense aiming, even before your gun sights. Even with practice, I think the logic of the brain is such that the laser, as correctly described by the thread writer, adds another millisecond or so to the "eye to brain to arm to firearm" mechanism--your whole process begins with the acquisition of the target via the laser and that is one more step in the process of defending yourself. Point shoot, particularly where defense is a "bad breath" away, as ghost tracker says, is the quickest and, if properly trained, as effective as any other method but just that little bit quicker. IMO. lasers serve two purposes: 1) it is a good forewarning to the BG that he is in the sights of someone some distance away and in and of itself might deter further BG action and 2) at a distance, where that millisecond is not as critical as that bad breath distance, particularly in the dark, is a good tool for center mass defense; it is also relevant if you are trying to aim/shoot from an awkward non-standard position--the laser will guide you to the target.

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    Sorry to resurrect this thread. I was trying to see what consensus is on laser sights for 'real world' situations for non LEO and military.

    I have no experience in using a gun for a real life self defense situation. I would expect that most of these would either be where you were accosted on the street, or you found an intruder in your house. Correct me if statistics say different please.

    On the street, I would imagine it would be a draw and shoot, an instantaneous reaction. In the house, I can imagine this as well as well as the situation of hearing a noise and checking it out (though I have read in many cases you should not do that, but I am not expert to know if this is right or wrong). In the former, it is point and shoot, and in the later, you are more active than re active.

    I can understand if you are LEO or military and you are behind some cover at a distance where a laser on your pistol is excellent.

    But in the 2 cases above, how many times would you a)even with training remember to push the on button , and b) not just draw and shoot for center of mass regardless?

    I am hoping that someone with real experience rather than 'what you think you would do' can provide some insight. Trying to figure out if a laser is really worthwhile for something other than shooting at paper. Thanks.

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    Lasers are awesome at teaching people to not focus on the front sight.

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