Film--Survival Shooting Technques

Film--Survival Shooting Technques

This is a discussion on Film--Survival Shooting Technques within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A classic--first produced in 1975 Survival Shooting Techniques - TAMI...

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Thread: Film--Survival Shooting Technques

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    Film--Survival Shooting Technques

    A classic--first produced in 1975
    Survival Shooting Techniques - TAMI

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    That was pretty interesting. Thanks for posting.
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    An oldy but a goody. Thanks for the post.
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    37yrs later there is one statement made by the inmate walking along the fence line. He said that many police officers are not mentally ready for life or death combat and became officers because its the best job at the time.

    That is very true in this day and age, you have people applying to departments who never wanted to be officers but due to the economy now desire to be one. They get reeled in by the job security and benefits but dont have the right mindset to handle business when their life is on the line. I have seen far too many academy classes full of soft recruits who go onto graduate into peace officers.

    Many have never been in fights or any real confrontation, a lot have a lax and soft mindset which is evident by the answers they give when asked " WHAT IF/ WHAT WOULD YOU DO" questions. Its sickening knowing that some of these people are supposed to protect our loved ones?

    My department is letting in a lot of soft individuals and I don't believe many are mentally prepared for combat during a traffic stop or on a domestic violence call. Also many officers only go to the range when its time to qualify for their respective departments, as opposed to many criminals who only range time has been in the streets. These criminals are in the streets every day so that's a lot of range time for the criminal element.

    Sad but true.

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