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    Hi All,
    Wanted to know... short of actually attending a defensive training class, is/are there any written instructions for a new CCH person to read and practice on his/her own at home?? Yes, I do have an extra 160 safe acres to do such a thing. Any such thing?? Thanks.

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    The best thing to do is to actually attend a class and then utilize that land to practice the skills you learned.

    Training doesn't have be prohibitively expensive. A decent one day course from a local trainer should run $100 - 200 plus the cost of ammunition. You'll spend that much on videos and books easily.

    It is always better to have a live, interactive education. Not everything can or should be self taught.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    DickO. Welcome to the forum.

    While nothing is a complete substitute for live training I will recommend DVD's from the trainers. Magpul, Tactical Response, Costa Ludas, Travis Haley and Suarez International. Many of these same trainers have their own websites and recommended reading lists.

    Watch, read and learn then slowly build up your skills. Keep in mind though that there is no perfect method or technique use what works for you and save the rest for a rainy day.
    "A first rate man with a third rate gun is far better than the other way around". The gun is a tool, you are the craftsman that makes it work. There are those who say "if I had to do it, I could" yet they never go out and train to do it. Don't let stupid be your mindset. Harryball 2013

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    There are many good training videos available and most of the training facilities post videos on you tube. You can get some good ideas there. As it has been stated, there is no substitute for a properly run defensive handgun course of instruction. It's true that you fight like you train , so you must train right.

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    What I've found to be best for me is taking the class using the books and DVDs as refresher or reminders to help in your practice after the class. No matter how well you think you can and are following the instruction from the DVD or book I find I'm not. Having the instructor there watching your every move is money well spent.

    I've found Suarez International too be my main choice of instruction.
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    I agree on the class. I had researched a ton, reading articles, watching videos, etc, but did not actually practice any of the suggestions, as I did not want to develop any bad habits. Just took a concealed draw class, and now plan on practice practice practice (dry firing) to put the lessons to good use. Many were saying that once you've got some of the basics, just dry firing and practicing 10 minutes a day can build that muscle memory and build good skills. After doing that for a while, I'll probably take the same or different class again. Then practice practice.

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