Need help with a problem

Need help with a problem

This is a discussion on Need help with a problem within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have owned my firearm, Glock 23, for about 6 months now and try to get to the range at least once a week. During ...

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Thread: Need help with a problem

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    Need help with a problem

    I have owned my firearm, Glock 23, for about 6 months now and try to get to the range at least once a week. During a normal range visit I will shoot between 100-250 rounds. I have taken 2 classes (so far) at the range, one being OK SDA to get my permit and another pistol skills class. I will be taking more in the near future.

    My problem is this. My shot groups are fairly tight (within a couple of inches for a 5 shot group), but they are all low and to the right of point of aim. I am not sure what I am doing to cause this and it is a fairly consistant pattern each time I fire. It happens regardless of distance to target (normally 7-15 yards). I am a LEFT HANDED shooter.

    Any guidance or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like you may be pushing in anticipation of recoil....
    Try some dry firing exercises with a coin on top of the slide immediately to the rear of the front sight....
    The goal is to pull through without dropping the coin...
    Also having a light mounted is another good way to practice by keeping the beam as fixed as possible while pulling....
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    try looking at if memory serves me right the shooter there was right handed , so just mirror the image for left .. hope that helps .
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    These diag's can help - at least a guide to what might be happening. I would inquire tho too - if you have right forefinger round front of trigger guard - it can pull shots to that side IMO.

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    Beat me to it, Chris!

    I used the above targets to identify a similiar shooting issue. Good luck!
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    as the pic shows its a trigger finger issue usually not enough trigger finger and slapping the trigger especially if you haven't put a ton of rounds though a glock took me awhile to work this out when i got a glock .. I'm a lefty too

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