Guns at a defensive shooting school

Guns at a defensive shooting school

This is a discussion on Guns at a defensive shooting school within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife and I are making plans to attend one or more defensive shooting schools this spring. Valhalla and Gunsite seems to be the two ...

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Thread: Guns at a defensive shooting school

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    Guns at a defensive shooting school

    My wife and I are making plans to attend one or more defensive shooting schools this spring. Valhalla and Gunsite seems to be the two we are considering.

    Now here is the problem for us. We both shoot and have had our CCW's for sometime now. I shoot a 1911 and my wife shoots a 40.

    With the rounds fired in a realatively short period of time this is a bit of a problem for us. We stay proficient shooting a couple hundred rounds a month. Age does catch up with you! Darn. It is no longer fun to shoot until it hurts.

    My plan is to use the same manufacture and model as we presently shoot. A Wilson 9mm SDS and a H & K USPc 9mm.

    We would still carry 45 and 40 calibers.


    J Buck

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    Did I miss something? Whats the question?

    No matter the caliber, just go, learn and have a good time.

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    J Buck:

    I’m not sure what your question is, but assume you’re concerned about the number of rounds you’ll need to fire during the course of a class, and if it will be more than you can comfortably handle.

    I can’t speak to how things are done at Valhalla, but have experience with Gunsite.

    The Gunsite 250 class (one of two introductory classes you could take) requires you to shoot about 1,100 rounds in the five days of shooting needed for the class. Their 150 class lasts for three days and requires a proportionately smaller number of rounds.

    If, however, you are not capable of shooting this number of rounds comfortably, contact Ed Head, the operations director and talk to him about this. I’m pretty sure he would be open to modifying the number of rounds you need to shoot in the practice exercises.

    The folks at Gunsite are very accommodating. I arrived a day early for my 250 class only to find Ed spending his Sunday tutoring one of the students (one on one) who was rather new to this sort of thing and had asked for additional help.

    I hope this helps.

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    There a few schools I'd like to attend with ITS, Pat Rodger's (carbine) school, Valhalla, Surefire Institute (or whatever it's called), John Farnham's school, and LFI III (I've been to LFI I and II) at the top of the list.

    Whichever you settle on....have fun and soak it all up like a sponge. Let us know how it goes there too.
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    I was at Gunsite in October for the 250. I the five days I shot about 600 rounds. The two guys I when with shot about the same amount. It is not just a constant round after round. Part of the class is on the line, while the other part is charging their mags, and getting watter. Watch out for blisters on your hands.

    You will be hard pressed to not have a great time.

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    I think the question is , is it ok train with 9mm and carry .40/.45 as long as it is the same model weapon . I personally believe that there isnt much of an issue there , i shoot some scenarios with a Springfield XD 9mm , mostly for cost of shooting , but carry a XD 45acp . As long as you are using the same brand and model weapon in a different caliber , then i dont think it should make much difference . If you ever are involved in a defensive shooting , being able to operate the weapon you carry safely is going to be what matters , not how much recoil you experience . Good luck , and hope you have fun at the class .
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    I've taken the defensive pistol course at Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas:

    I shot 500 rounds through my Glock 19 in one day. My hand was a little sore after that, but not unbearable. I wouldn't have wanted to shoot a polymer .40 all day though. Might not be a bad choice to go with a smaller (and cheaper) round if you're going to be shooting hundreds off in a day.
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    take what you carry

    I'm new here but I truely think that you should shoot what you are going to carry, I understand not wanting to shoot so many rounds,Talk to the instructors some will let you shoot more if you want or less if you need. But you should pratice with what you carry each day. I pratice quick mag changes each day on my micro kimber. If needed I want it to be second nature. enjoy

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    Sorry to come in so late, but here at VTC, we recommend training with what you carry, but any training is better than none.

    If the only difference is calibre (9mm/40/45), it's barely a difference, in my opinion... its much more important to try with a weapon that is consistent with what you carry... I fyou carry a 1911, I'd advise against training with a GLock, for example.

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    If you are interested in Gunsite, check the link in my signature line. I live very close to Gunsite and am usually up there every few weeks for supplies or to shoot the breeze with some of the guys. Harold Green was right - Ed is one of the greatest teachers you will ever deal with.

    Seriously though, follow the link in my sig. Read about Gunsite and decide for yourself.
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