You think you're fast?

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Thread: You think you're fast?

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    You think you're fast?

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    Wow just wow.

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    And there you have a demo on at least looking over the barrel if not front sight/vs true point shooting.
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    Practice, practice, practice...

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    How many THOUSANDS of rounds do you think it took to get that kind of muscle memory?!
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    That's really cool, but remember they are not using standard carry holsters and no cover garment.

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    I can do that in my sleep....No, really. I dream about being that fast. : )
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    Oddly enough, and I haven't researched the guy, but some people just have a natural skill that gives them a leg up for things like point shooting, I think. I really don't see this guy practicing this thousands of times - he looks too casual. I could be mistaken. Thanks for the link!

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    Taran Butler - Ranked #2 in the world. 1st Glock Grandmaster shooter ever in history of the sport. Frequent shooter on TVs Impossible Shots

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    1-Time USPSA Multi Gun National Limited Champion
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    1-Time Ft Benning Multi Gun Open Champion
    7-Time Superstition Mountain Mystery Multi Gun Tactical Champion
    2-Time Western States Single Stack Champion
    1-Time USPSA Single Stack Nationals First GM Champion
    DPMS Tri Gun Challenge Tactical Champion
    USPSA Limited 10 Shootoffs Champion
    15-Time Southwest Pistol League Champion

    Bob Vogel
    IPSC World Champion (Production)
    IDPA World Champion (Stock Pistol)
    4-time USPSA National Champion (Production & Limited 10)
    5-time IDPA National Champion (Stock, Enhanced, Custom)
    6-time IDPA Indoor National Champion (Stock & Enhanced)
    IPSC National Champion (Production)
    3-time Pro-Am Professional Champion (Limited & Open)
    2-time IDPA Carolina Cup Champion
    6-time USPSA Area Champion (Areas 5,6,8)
    10-time Indiana State Champion (USPSA & IDPA)
    7-time Ohio State Champion (USPSA & IDPA)
    7-time Michigan State Champion (USPSA & IDPA)
    7-time IDPA Great Lakes Regional Champion


    USPSA Grandmaster Limited
    USPSA Grandmaster Production
    USPSA Grandmaster Limited 10
    USPSA Grandmaster Open (with iron sighted G17)
    IDPA Distinguished Master SSP
    IDPA Distinguished Master ESP
    IDPA Distinguished Master CDP
    IDPA Five Gun Master

    These guys shoot more in a month than most will in a lifetime.
    Train like your life depends on it, because it does.

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    I wouldn't wanta compete in the Buffet line with him
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomtsr View Post
    These guys shoot more in a month than most will in a lifetime.
    Question is...where are they getting their ammo?

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    Well, actually, I'd rather be smooth and accurate. This kind of speed, while dazzling, isn't really that conducive to a good self defense framework.
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 25 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadgerJ View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by tomtsr View Post
    These guys shoot more in a month than most will in a lifetime.
    Question is...where are they getting their ammo?
    I have not had the opportunity to train with Mr. Butler, but I did train with Vogel last year (he is a consummate professional , and I highly recommend that anyone who wants to shoot faster and better to get in some hours with him).

    I was actually quite surprised at Vogel's yearly round count. I know many local/regional-level competition shooters as well as other "students of the gun" (i.e. those who do not compete, but pursue training as perhaps more than a hobby) who easily match or exceed his yearly live-fire count. Let's put it this way: if round count is a judge of how well one shoots, I should easily shoot way better than Bob. But, alas, I don't. There's a lot more to it than just slinging lead downrange.

    What took me by surprise was Vogel's live-fire:dry-fire ratio, as well as his confession of intensifying his dry-fire training immediately after intense live-fire sessions specifically with the goal of eradicating any "bad habits" he may have developed while shooting live.

    I'm not saying this to say that live-fire is not important. Rather, it's to put into context that live-fire isn't the only viable gauge as to a shooter's proficiency.


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