Sig Sauer Academy Epping, NH (Class Date: June 15th 2013) "Bullets on Vehicles"

Sig Sauer Academy Epping, NH (Class Date: June 15th 2013) "Bullets on Vehicles"

This is a discussion on Sig Sauer Academy Epping, NH (Class Date: June 15th 2013) "Bullets on Vehicles" within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Last weekend I attended a one day advanced class at the Sig Academy titled Bullets on Vehicles. The cost was $300 tuition. They provided the ...

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Thread: Sig Sauer Academy Epping, NH (Class Date: June 15th 2013) "Bullets on Vehicles"

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    Sig Sauer Academy Epping, NH (Class Date: June 15th 2013) "Bullets on Vehicles"

    Last weekend I attended a one day advanced class at the Sig Academy titled Bullets on Vehicles. The cost was $300 tuition. They provided the ammo (300 rds per student in any of the following calibers: .357 Sig, 9mm, or 45acp) and also if required any accessories such as holster, ear and eye protection etc. I brought my own holster and my own ear protection. I tried something new with the ear protectors, mounting a COUNTOUR+2 digital action video camera but I goofed up in installing a 32GB memory card and it failed to record properly. When I returned home and reinstalled the 4GB card and took the guns to the range today, it worked fine. But I lost a ton of fun shooting shots. Got a few videos in backup with another handheld camera, but it's sparse.

    I arrived at the Academy at 0800 hrs and the class was supposed to begin at 0830. There were about 10 students including me. Most were either employees of Sig (sales managers from around the country) or they were local or state law enforcement. A few like me were civilians. One Medical Doctor and one Insurance guy and me, the educator. The Doc had a full trauma kit in his car. I gathered he took it everywhere. That was comforting. Part of the pre-calss safety briefing emphasized that if we had an accident that in dialing 911 we should make sure to tell the operator that there had been a TRAINING ACCIDENT at the Sig Sauer Academy, not a "shooting!" A training accident will bring the medical folks in fast to initiate the necessary life saving protocols. But a SHOOTING implies an element of human evil which will bring in SWAT first to completely clear the area before bringing in the med teams. Makes sense.

    I was the only "unknown quantity." The others all knew each other from having taken other classes together. This is considered an advanced class. They wanted to know my background and so I ran it down: 25 years NRA Instructor, Former US Army Infantry Captain, IDPA competitor and Safety Officer. Still I was closely watched until the first drills had been completed and the consensus was made that I was one of the team.

    There were two ranges used. One indoors for the preliminary instruction and practice where we sat in folding chairs that were moved 90 degrees at a time and so we were all shooting in the same direction but had to be extra careful not to "muzzle sweep" either ourselves or a classmate. The emphasis was on the draw with the seatbelt attached. The threat presented 360 degrees in 90 degree chunks. So we would be simulating shooting through each side window, the front and the rear.

    Two ways to access your holster prior to the draw with the seatbelt in place: #1 "The Front Lean" Carefully lean forward and draw. What's the obvious limitation? Yeah, under pressure, your lean ain't gonna be slow or careful and what happens to a seat belt when THAT happens? #2 is "The SCOODGE" I'm spelling it phonetically I guess. You slide forward with your knees to bring the holster forward as well.. This works especially well if the threat is presenting right in front of you and for some reason you can't run it over and you'll have to shoot through your windshield. This we also practiced on the outdoor range. If you want more, I suggest (HIGHLY!!) you take the course.

    Outside we practiced dismounting the car and engaging poppers from underneath the car and from behind the only viable cover available: The wheels and axle. Front is better. Guess why?

    Then we watched the instructor fire at the pavement between the wheels. On the other side he showed us the riddled cardboard targets resulting from all those bounced shots that were completely unaimed. GULP! Next we watched the instructor take aim and fire off a hi-cap mag of rounds at the top of the trunk of the target vehicle. We expected the contents of the trunk to be riddled (fish tank -- empty -- old computer and some pieces of wood). Yes there were some holes but they were just deep skips. All of the rounds skipped off the top of the trunk and directly into the target board. The instructor then showed graphically why taking cover and firing over the top of the trunk is a really B-A-D idea! Somebody ought to inform Hollywood, too.

    Later we were able to get into a vehicle (The Instructor said it was his mom's car but I dunno, I remember MY mom's attitude on her car) and we got to do two runs firing from a moving vehicle at spaced popper targets against a berm. We got to shoot in forward and reverse motion. Two runs, one slow speed and one fast. The car was moving in a diagonal motion across the pavement. They were teaching us something important: #1 How very difficult it is to make an accurate drive-by attack which leads into #2 that clearly shows if you're the target of such an attack, you have little to worry about BUT everybody else better hit the deck!

    All in all it was 8 hours of the best spent time in my life! I also capped my time by (get a rag, this will make you drool) by spending some money in the Sig Sauer Pro-Shop. I purchased a firearm and had it shipped back to my FFL here in Miami. When I went into the shop the first thing I asked about was the presence of any of the new Sig P227's in 45acp. They just got the first THREE into the shop the day prior (Friday June 14th). Yes, I bought one. For my participation in the course they gave me a 20% discount and thanks be to the Lord, there is no sales tax in New Hampshire, so I paid $796 total. I also paid for a short reset trigger installation on site. I've already taken it and my other recent purchase, a Kel Tec PMR30 .22WMR to the range so I'll be posting an "EAT YOUR HEART OUT" Range Report when I can with video or pix (I hope).
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