MAG 20 training

MAG 20 training

This is a discussion on MAG 20 training within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was thinking of taking a Massad Ayoob class called MAG20 Range. It is about 500 rounds and $400. Massad Ayoob is not teaching it, ...

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Thread: MAG 20 training

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    MAG 20 training

    I was thinking of taking a Massad Ayoob class called MAG20 Range. It is about 500 rounds and $400. Massad Ayoob is not teaching it, but a certified instructor of Massad is. Anyone take this class that can tell me if it is any good and worth the money? 400 bucks isn't the end of the world, but it isn't chump change either. Thanks!

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    Highly recommended, yes. If I could take only one course, as a citizen carrier, frankly this would be the one. I'd want to do the full four-day version, not just the classroom portion, though.

    When I took the LFI-1 course, it was broken into two sections: the classroom part, and the practical/range part. Of course, all of it is classroom heavy, lessons heavy. The basic "direction" of the course is similar to the lessons spoken of in the book In The Gravest Extreme book.

    Stark, harsh, no-nonsense view of the pros/cons of carrying, of the laws and standards to which we're held and should hold ourselves as upstanding citizens, the very real risks we run in any scenario in which deadly threat exists and deadly force is employed. If you're speaking of $400, then I believe you are considering only the first, classroom half of the course. It's an $800 course, for both "halves," two days each, four days total.

    You learn quite a lot. Even after having read In The Gravest Extreme and many other books beforehand, I still learned much in the course. Ayoob has a lot of material to impart, and a lot of experience in the field, in real life, in the courtroom. He refuses to allow people to hide in the shadows, refuses to allow the basic truth to be ignored. The course involves a lot of discussion about the law, about the risks, about what happens in a post-defense situation. It covers how to handle calling the cavalry, how to handle questioning, how to point out the perp, evidence, witnesses. It covers shoot / don't shoot scenarios (certainly in the 4-day course, though I don't recall if that was in the first half or the second half). Each of the students documented our notes from the course and then swapped them afterwards, helping to further cement our understanding of what we'd learned.

    If you can swing the fee for the course, it's certainly one of a handful I'd consider having on the list. Pick up a copy of In The Gravest Extreme prior to the course, along with Stressfire I if you're also doing the live-fire portion. It'll demystify much of what's introduced.
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    ccw9mm has covered it - nothing I can add except another endorsement that this is the course for armed citizens to take.
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    Having taken MAG-40, MAG-80, and very shortly MAG-120, I can only say this: MAG-20 range is great. If you can swing it, take MAG-40, and take it in Live Oak. That's where Mas and the Pro-arms team live. John and Terry Strayer, Brother Steve, The Blaze, Herman Gunter, etc.

    The classroom portion is also super critical if you're going to carry a gun. Alternatively, In The Gravest Extreme and the entire ProArms podcast will get you some of that invaluable info.

    Good Luck, I highly recommend it.

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