I came upon this somewhat by accident and I think experienced shooters already know this but I thought I'd share it anyway because this really helped me at the range.

I was at the range a few days ago and right off the bat I was a little wild and flinching. My groupings were horrible. I chalked it up to rust and kept eating through my ammo. Towards the end I decided to try a different approach: I lined up my sight as usual, but looked "past" the sights, similarly to how I shoot a rifle (the target being so far away for long guns necessitates getting my eyes off the sights and looking down range) and focused on where on the target I wanted my shots to go. Almost "willing" the shot to hit the X. To my pleasant surprise my final magazine grouped infinitely better.

Today I ran thru 250 rounds (combination of 9mm out of my G26 and .22 LR out of my Buckmark) and I was killing my targets at 15 and 25 feet, and hitting dinner plates at 50 feet. So the new "projecting ahead" strategy worked. I just ensured I lined up the sights, focused out and completely on the target and directed my shots onto the target instead of focusing on just lining up my sights on a blurry distant silhouette.

The results were very satisfying with ragged holes through any point I picked (at 15 feet at least, it became 2-3 inches or so at 25 feet with the G26).

The more intently I focused down range on the target the less I flinched or even realized I was pulling the trigger. My mind tuned into putting a hole right where my eyes were looking and the previous sight alignment and muscle memory took over.

Hoping for more input on this or other people trying this technique and reporting back their results.