For those who wear prescription glasses;

For those who wear prescription glasses;

This is a discussion on For those who wear prescription glasses; within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For those who wear prescription glasses; When practicing at the range do you include some time where you swap out prescription glasses for a regular ...

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Thread: For those who wear prescription glasses;

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    For those who wear prescription glasses;

    For those who wear prescription glasses;

    When practicing at the range do you include some time where you swap out prescription glasses for a regular pair of safety glasses and practice a few shots that way?

    I’m thinking of including this in my practice. I don’t expect to be without my glasses but have to consider the possibility of that happening (if they break or get knocked off) due to a struggle or something.
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    That's a very good idea,I think I will try that also.
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    I would, but then I wouldn't be able to find the target.

    Seriously, I have tried it and my marksmanship is so bad that I have found it doesn't really impact my shot placement that much. I do most of my defensive handgun practice at 5 to 8 yards. When shooting for fun I go out a little further and keep my glasses on.

    I am a center mass shooter anyway.
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    The thought of me firing a gun without my glasses is a scary one. I am really nearsighted.
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    Nope, I would never even consider it.
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    I wear eyeglasses for distances which means I use them for driving. I usually leave them in the car after driving somwhere. If I wear them shooting, I cannot focus on the front sight (no midrange-only bi-focal), so I do not wear them shooting. Sight alignment and focus are more important than the target in focus.

    I understand someone can have difficulty seeing the sights, then he should wear eyeglasses, and by all means practice with the glasses off as you never know if you'll be challenged while not wearing them.
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    No glasses = Quick point shooting.

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    I haven't done it before but I may try it. I certainly wouldn't take a shot at any distance beyond maybe 7 yards without my glasses, so I wouldn't practice anything long-distance (why shoot at something you can't see?)
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    I have trouble finding the floor without my glasses, so no, I have never thought about shooting without them.
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    I wear a contact lens in one eye and no corrective item for my other eye all day long.
    At the range, I am practicing two-eyed shooting.
    Other than a few strays, I can keep about a 8 inch group. (I am nearsighted )
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    I practice both ways. I think the point is to use half man silhouette targets instead of little splash targets so you get more of a accurate reading as to how your hitting.
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    Is it safe to practice without my eyeglasses?

    My uncorrected vision does present a very real problem for me.

    So I train without correction, too. Not just for shooting.
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    I have to remove my glasses when I sight through my scope on my AR. But other wise I use my glasses when I shoot.

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    In competetion I do swap glasses. When I shoot the qualifier stage I use standard safety glasses. On all other stages I use my prescription Range Glasses. They have distance vision in the left eye and reading prescription (front sight in focus) in the right side. If I have an encounter in public it will be point shooting up close and focused vision out to 40-50 feet. After that I am headed for cover as I am already off the X and moving.
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    I have a difficult time with the sights when I wear my glasses, not impossible, just not as clear as without them. I wear safety glasses only for the range. I actually can pass the drivers license test without them but normally will wear them when driving.
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