Two day carbine class is in the books

Two day carbine class is in the books

This is a discussion on Two day carbine class is in the books within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This weekend we held our first Carbine Course sponsored by the Arkansas Sniper Association. We had 7 that signed up and ended up with four ...

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Thread: Two day carbine class is in the books

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    Two day carbine class is in the books

    This weekend we held our first Carbine Course sponsored by the Arkansas Sniper Association.

    We had 7 that signed up and ended up with four students for the class which is fine it allowed us more one on one instruction and to work out what worked and what didn't as far as the classroom portion.

    Two of the students were fairly well versed in the mechanics of the AR two were literally brand new to the world of AR type rifles which worked out good for all concerned.

    The first day was classroom with a combination of a Power Point presentation and hands on with the inner workings of the rifles. Also covered were gear choices such as mag pouches, vests, slings and so on. We then went into the selection of mounted accessories for the rifle based on the intended use.

    Two day carbine class is in the books-day-1-carbine.jpg

    Two day carbine class is in the books-day-one-carbine-2.jpg

    There was a variety of weapons available for the students to learn from. Weapons included were a stock Colt 6920, SIG AR, custom built suppressed AR with a 7.5 inch barrel, Mini 14, an suppressed SBR with a 12 inch barrel, an original M-16 and my RD AR. There were a variety of optics used such as EoTech, Leupold CQ/T, Aimpoints, Burris XTR 1-4 and from somewhere an Elcan 4x optic.

    Throughout the day questions were asked and myths busted about a variety of topics from accuracy expectations, ballistics, maintenance, mag springs and several other topics. We also worked on proper sling placement and usage, mounting the weapons and basic movement techniques it was definitely a full day.

    The following day was on the range. We kept the round count to what the shooter could afford to bring which turned out was not really and issue as there seems to be a good supply of 5.56 at the local shops with one shooter breaking into his stash of 12,000 rounds which he has maintained for several years.

    Two day carbine class is in the books-group-class.jpg

    This is one of the group shots before the shooting started. Myself and the other instructor wore our complete loadout so we could get some training in also with the gear we use. There was some shade in the morning with temps in the 80's and it did nothing but go up from there into the mid 90's with no shade at all until the afternoon. There was no wind to speak up which was good for shooting but a nice breeze would have been good for the shooters.

    The range was a simple setup located in a small town near the ASA classroom. We could go out to 100 yards but the majority of the shooting was from 25 yards in. We used a combination of standard B-27's, M4 zero targets and the good ole standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of copy paper. We started with a safety brief and gear check. Most everyone had there mags already loaded and rifles lubed and ready to go so we started with a 25 yard zero from the prone position.

    Two day carbine class is in the books-zero-2.jpg

    Two day carbine class is in the books-25-meter-zero.jpg

    Two day carbine class is in the books-shannon.jpg

    We moved everyone closer and worked on mechanical offset and explaining height over bore issues with optics and irons. We then ran a few drills from 15 to 3 yards with the students seeing how to shoot effectively at closer ranges with there rifles with a 25 yard zero.

    I had explained to them the day before about relying on optics and sights in a CQB situation so to get this point across we had them remove their optic or fold down their rear sight and use strictly the big V of the front sight. This technique with any weapon is quite effective for minute of man accuracy at close distances. It only took three or four rounds and they were amazed they were hitting the X ring using this simple point shooting technique.

    Throughout the day we increased the difficulty of the drills with multiple shots and multiple targets. We ran drills comprised of controlled pairs and double taps on three targets and had the students start from different positions and angles slowly at first to get comfortable with the drill then pushing them to a failure point.

    The main issue encountered was simply that they were not being aggressive enough running the rifles. To remedy this we had them load up and shoot a 1 to 5 drill. This drill is fired on three targets spaced 1 yard apart. The shooter starts facing the target or depending on skill level faces another direction. On the signal the shooter fires one round on the first target, two on the second, three on the third, transitions to the center target again and fires four rounds and ends with the original target and fires five rounds. After doing this drill the first time and seeing they could actually get good hits in a short period of time we could not keep them away from it.

    We ended the day with some shooting and moving drills. We had them start from the 25 and begin movement towards the target. The first couple of runs we encountered the standard step, stop, shoot, step syndrome but after pointing it out to them and a bit of coaching and positive reinforcement they were easily moving, engaging and hitting the sheets of copy paper posted for targets.

    Overall these guys were absolute troopers and came away with a better understanding of the rifles they were using and the skills needed to employ them effectively. They were eager to learn, asks relative questions and listened to the material presented. We had no safety violations at all everyone did a fantastic job with their rifles and muzzle awareness.

    I enjoy teaching people that want to learn and improve themselves and despite hardships keep on training. In this class I had one such man. You will notice in one of the photos a gent shooting from a folding chair. His rifle of choice was the 7.5 inch barreled, suppressed AR. He has several but this one seems to work best for him. This man has more intestinal fortitude, mindset and pure damn heart than anyone I have ever met.

    You see Shannon, due to disease process and some really screwed up medical care, is a double amputee. He also has only kidney, one lung and no pancreas. He attended the Tactical Medicine class we sponsored and other than noticing he walked with a cane I did not know anything about him.

    This man shot the drills, in the heat, accurately without a gripe or complaint. The only thing I did for him was to walk down and check his shot placement on his target from the 25 yard line during the zero process. His sense of humor and logical input to the class was amazing. Shannon works in the mental health field doing of all things evaluating disability claims. He works with a lot of veterans in dealing with depression and the problems they have with injuries both physical and emotionally.

    So the next time you need to train but it is to hot, your knee hurts, you will have to load mags, clean guns and generally find every excuse not to I want you to think of this guy, I know I will.

    As I go through more pics I will post them up.
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    Cool! I bet those students appreciated the extra personal attention.
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    Sounds like an awesome time and I too will remember Shannon's story the next time I think of an excuse about doing anything. Calling that gentlemen a trooper is an understatement.
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    Looks good. Whos the old guy without hair and a dip in.....
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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