Is there a dry fire secret I'm missing?

This is a discussion on Is there a dry fire secret I'm missing? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just bought this book with a ton of great dry fire drills called "Champion Shooting". A lot of the drills are to be done ...

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Thread: Is there a dry fire secret I'm missing?

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    Question Is there a dry fire secret I'm missing?

    I just bought this book with a ton of great dry fire drills called "Champion Shooting". A lot of the drills are to be done with multiple targets and a PAR timer. The problem I am having is that I have a Kimber, Glock, and a couple Sigs. The Glocks I only get one trigger pull before I have to rack the slide, and this obviously makes it so I cant go as quick as the drill requires. The Sigs are DA/SA so I could keep pulling the trigger all day long, but every trigger pull is DA then. The Kimber is of course SA so I need to pull the hammer back with every shot. The book gives some hints on what to do, but I was wondering if any of the dry fire masters in the crowd had any other suggestions. Here is what the book says to do:

    1. For the Glocks, stick a rubber band in the ejection port to prevent the firearm from going into full battery. Then you can keep pulling the trigger because it never fully fires the striker. The problem with this is that it doesn't feel at all like the real Glock trigger pull.

    2. For the Sigs, take the first DA pull and then don't let the trigger out all the way to the point of reset, and then just keep pulling back on the slack. Again, not a very good representation of the true Sig pull, especially considering I have the SRT on one of my Sigs.

    3. The Kimber they suggest pulling the trigger once and then just pressing back on the trigger even though it won't move again. This is just plain pretending in my opinion.

    Just trying to figure out a way to do rapid and multiple target acquisition and engagement with the true trigger pull of each firearm. Ay suggestions?

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    Use a revolver. Thumbing back a hammer is a distant second, but a smooth S&W or Colt DA revolver will dryfire faster than anything.
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    Never heard of the book..... but my dry fire combines the basic fundamentals.... trigger control, breathing, sight picture, etc. Master these first before you try moving on to bigger and better things. If you have done so, then i would follow the drills as they are laid out and just take the time to recock my weapon, or you can just do the full task for each target... it will give you much more practice in a short period of time that way too... ymmv. Also... keep in mind slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Work through each step and master it before adding to it....
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    Some guns do not like dry fire, best to do this with snap caps.

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    I can only add this, Practice as you will shoot!
    I was learning to shoot small bore sillhoettes and the best advise I got was to hold the gun on a distant target and dry fire a lot! Small bore targets are shot with a rifle from the standing position only. The targets are from 2" to 5" and are set at 40 to 100yds out. At first I couldnt even hold the rifle on the targets But after awhile I got to where I could hold for short times. Then I added dry firing to the mix. I dont like to dry fire a rimfire gun as the firing pin can strike the chamber mouth and damage the gun. so I started to practice with an[ uncocked] dead trigger. When I thought I was doing well, I went out to the range, set up the targets, and put the first three bullets into the berm above the targets! I was used to the long take up of the dead trigger, And not what the cocked trigger would feel like. After that experiance I started using snap caps, or spent cases, and always train as I would shoot.

    I think you are going to find the same thing to be true. if you always have to rack the slide you will find yourself in an emergency reaching for the slide! DR

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCIE33560 View Post
    Just trying to figure out a way to do rapid and multiple target acquisition and engagement with the true trigger pull of each firearm. Ay suggestions?
    Depending on the gun, a *very good* (translation, typically somewhat expensive - look to spend around $300 for the gun and the custom work) airsoft replica can pull this off.

    Alternatively, look to dedicated training systems such as the SIRT or, for example, The Glock Store "Reset Trigger Kit" or the Glock 17R drop-in.

    Finally, there are pneumatic recoil simulator available, too.

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    For your Glock- (look down toward the bottom of the page. Dryfire reset kit.
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    Your questions suggest that you may be expecting too much from dry firing. It is what it is but there is no substitute for firing live ammo.

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