Sheepdog tip of the day
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the warriors who respond with
guilt and nausea when they kill in combat. There is also nothing wrong with
the warriors who are psychologically prepared to kill and do not experience
such powerful emotions. But if you had the option, which would you choose?
It is largely a 20th Century affectation, a modern, self-inflicted psychic
wound, to believe that you will be mentally destroyed or emotionally harmed
by the act of killing during lawful combat. I am convinced, based on
interviews with hundreds of men and women who have had to kill, that if you
tell yourself that killing will be an earth-shattering, traumatic event, then
it probably will be. But if you do the rationalization and acceptance ahead
of time, if you prepare yourself and immerse yourself in the lore and spirit
of mature warriors past and present, then the lawful, legitimate use of
deadly force does not have to be a self-destructive or traumatic event. Lt.
Col. Dave Grossman, On Combat

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