What is better punches or kicks.

What is better punches or kicks.

This is a discussion on What is better punches or kicks. within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After seeing Bud White's post on 9 vs. .40 and reading all the other caliber debates I got to thinking we are missing one. So ...

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Thread: What is better punches or kicks.

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    What is better punches or kicks.

    After seeing Bud White's post on 9 vs. .40 and reading all the other caliber debates I got to thinking we are missing one. So here it is.

    Which is better a punch or a kick. Now I know I will get some responses from people with some type of arts under their belt and that is ok but I would like to see what everyone thinks.

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    Punches are faster and leave you in a position of better balance.
    Kicks have a longer range and are generally more powerful.
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    I have more power in my legs.

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    A kick can deliver up to 5 times the force according to my old instructors. However, in a street situation the should only be delivered below the waist or the other guy will likely grab you leg. Think knees...
    If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good. ~ Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

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    I voted on punches, but really think it depends on how close you are to your opponent. If your at long distance, being more than arm lengths away, kicks can be quite devastating. After 10 years of martial arts and kickboxing, trust me I've experienced that first hand both on the giving and the recieving end. A kick can lay your opponent out very quickly if you land it in the right spot, abdomen, ribs, groin, knee, or if you can reach high enough the neck or head.

    Punches are better for close up fighting and allow you to have more self-control. They're better directed, but definitely not as devastating. Punching to the face and hitting the tip of the jaw, nose (buttion), upper lip (filtrum?), side of the jaw (knock out!), are all great targets. But in a real life situation punches will most likely be used the most, but if you can land a kick, it will definitely catch your opponent by surprise, unless they're a martial arts guru or something. Just my take.
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    Shows what you guys know. Everyone knows the deadliest move in the martial arts world is the Punch/Kick.

    It's so lethal, it has been banned in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Utah.
    I used this technique to fend off an attacker several years ago. While I was walking down the street, I was approached by an individual asking for the time. Knowing this was a set-up for a robbery, my 5.11 senses began to tingle. I put my hands up and told my would-be attacker that I didn't want any trouble. The assailant, knowing that I was on to the scheme, moved closer to me with a hand to her ear saying "What did you say... what did you say?" Seeing that my life was in immediate danger, I performed the Punch/Kick, and neutralized my attacker. As she fell to the ground, clutching her throat, I immobilized her even further by chucking her walker into incoming traffic. Unfortunately, the car that was hit by the walker was hit in the windshield. Even more unfortunate, the car was driven by members of my would-be attacker's gang. Seeing one of their own layed out on the pavement, they immediately stopped, exited the car and approached me. I flashed my CCW badge at them, and seeing they had absolutely no respect for the law, I made a hasty retreat to the local YMCA and hid in a bathroom stall until the situation calmed down.

    That day I swore I would never be ambushed again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorblade View Post
    Shows what you guys know. Everyone knows the deadliest move in the martial arts world is the Punch/Kick.

    ....The assailant, knowing that I was on to the scheme, moved closer to me with a hand to her ear saying "What did you say... what did you say?" Seeing that my life was in immidiate danger, I performed the Punch/Kick, and nutralized my attacker. As she fell to the ground, clutching her throat, I immobilized her even further by chucking her walker into incoming traffic. ....

    That day I swore I would never be ambushed again.
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    As an old, fat white guy, lifting my foot high enough to kick someone could end up with me on my back :)

    I'll punch, if I have no choice. Until then, I will try to make sure that I do have some other choice!
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    RazerBlade, you are a brave man.

    I would be terrified if attacked by someone packing a tactical assault walker.

    I hope you made it to the stall before the inevitable accident.

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    Neither a 45 out does um all

    i edited the poll so it is somewhat related since you did put this in concealed carry guns

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    Depends on the proximity, and if your arms are bound from delivering an effective strike (guy's up in your face, you're against the wall, etc. - no room to maneuver).

    I've found that a palm brought down right on top of a guy's nose works well, in a smacking motion.

    Aside from that, depending on your position, deliver a roundhouse kick with the top edge of your foot (where the tongue of your footwear is) into his knee, coming in from the side. Alternatively, you can stomp his knee from the side as well. Either technique will most likely snap his leg in half at the joint, and render him unable to pursue (if you're next COA is to, of course, run.)

    All in all, however, I'd have to say punch, simply for the faster deployment and higher propensity for disorientation, giving you the moment's hesitation and/or unawareness to draw, if the situation dictates.

    Besides, the punch transcends generations, and has it's own lexicon. You've never heard of anyone being "sucker kicked," have you?

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    I think that there is a time for everything but in a gunfight i'm using my gun(s). If it is hand to hand I am serving up some pain with my two hands and maybe kick but... yeah I might kick.

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    I prefer to deflect an attack and use my opponents force against them and then lay sever submission hold techniques on my attacker until either help arrives or I have to break something for them to stop the attack! So I didn't vote for any of them. Sorry, trained in Tenshin Aikido to long I guess.

    But for the threads sake I would say a kick would be the greatest force generated between the two. However kicking, unless well trained really will not do a whole lot of damage unless that kick is above the waist other than the one spot we all know the will take all us men to the ground very quickly that is below the waist. So this is a tough one, a punch can be placed better to the more critical area's but when in a fight it is hard to land on a moving target.

    It comes down to the training I guess, I would probably fail in a fist fight with a trained fighter because I have trained in defending/defecting blows not giving blows.

    Interesting debate!

    Train and train hard, you might not get a second chance to make a first impression!

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    Both can be effective. Generally a person's legs are stronger than thier arms. It is very common to have someone punch harder (more effectively) than kick. This is a training issue most likely.

    I prefer strikes and not punches. Punching puts your knuckles in danger of being broken or injured in the fight rendering that hand useless. Strikes with the palm or "karate chop" part of the hand are better as they are more padded and have stronger bones in them. If you stike in a chop and injure your hand, you can still use it to palm strike or as a last resort punch. If I am in H2H, my first target is the brachial nerve. If that fails I go for the junk. (Show me a rule book on streetfighting and then I will follow them.)

    Kicks should be below the waist or as a desperation strike to stomach. No spinning moves; leave those to Hollywood. Never turn your back to your opponent. Never. Not even for a fraction of a second.

    FWIW, I studied BJJ, karate, TKD, Dim Mak (big joke), and got intro'd to Krav Maga. I am a master in Klik Pao.
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    Both have their places in a H2h situation. A kick is capable of delivering more power, and can also be used to gain seperation in the case of a frontal kick, giving you room to say, pull your firearm out and defend yourself with that. Also, anyone that has ever recieved a low kick to the back of the thigh/inner thigh, can attest to the ability of this kick to limit mobility.

    Punches tend to be able to be delivered quirker and with more accuracy generally. They lack the power of a kick however. If close enough I prefer an elbow strike to a punch, as stated above punching can damage your hand, and an elbow strike can deliver three times the power of a punch. Other strikes as decribed above are also extremely useful.

    But in any situation I would rather achieve some sort of joint locking technique or a blood choke in order to gain control of the other person. Just my opinion.

    I got the intro to MCMAP when I was in NROTC (learned locks and chokes there), and have studied judo, and shuai jiao.

    Punches can generally be delivered quicker
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