In the 9mm vs 45 and everything in between. The "adrenaline" factor came up. Definitely a "BIG" player in the use/don't use CW. LEO's find it comes really fast because of their exposure to almost every situation. Especially in the larger metro areas:drugs/robberies and ect.
I still think that mind training will play a big part of the sub conscience mind in what happens when things go wrong.
Had several bad accidents happen to me[motorcycle knocked out from under me by a drunk driver]. Already thought about a accident from a big dog and what I'd do in case of a wreck. Don't remember rolling up in a ball,but did so and out rolled a 57 olds moving 20+ mph faster then I was.Also several snowmobile incidents at high speed and did the same thing [ball] So pre thinking response really does count. "IF" you have to draw;make sure that you are threatened enough to fire your weapon.
The bad thing is "BG" gets the first to make the first threat. But that's the way life is here in the USA. Better then a lot of foreign countries.