Gun safety in a multi-floored home

Gun safety in a multi-floored home

This is a discussion on Gun safety in a multi-floored home within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How do you exercise good gun safety in a home that has say three floors? Recently, I was at a friend's house and it didn't ...

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Thread: Gun safety in a multi-floored home

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    Gun safety in a multi-floored home

    How do you exercise good gun safety in a home that has say three floors? Recently, I was at a friend's house and it didn't occur to me that there was an upstairs above me. My friend was letting me examine a rifle and I kept it pointed up as there were a lot of people around. Later, it occured to me that there was an upstairs. :/ However, I couldn't have pointed it down either because there was a basement. What is the best way to handle this type of environment safely?

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    Take it outside. Annoy the neighbors.
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    If you really are concerned about it a 5 gallon bucket of sand will fit the bill as a safe thing to point at. There are a few other rules to make sure you follow too so as to avoid a negligent discharge. Finger off the trigger solves a world of possible problems.
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    My approach is to choose the lesser of two evils, the place for people (and pets) to least likely be. It might be up, down, or at an outside wall. It was an issue when i used to live in an apartment. Ideally there would be something in the room that would stop a bullet, like some safes, or Kevlar draped over something solid. But that's not always an option.
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    If you think about it for a moment, anytime you cc into a building that has more than one floor and you are not on the ground floor the very same thing is happening all the time.

    If your on the second floor your sweeping tons of folks under you assuming its a public building. Depending on how you carry you likely sweep folks sitting down and getting up from eating or desks or tables all day long with your edc.

    Now you dont carry you edc unloaded so saying make sure its not loaded really is a good idea but not always practical.

    The main thing in any situation with any firearm, realistically more important than any other rule is to KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNLESS YOU MEAN TO SHOOT THE Gun.

    There are simply situations where you will sweep folks by the simple act of carrying a firearm and not being located on the top of a mountain alone.
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    Assuming the owner cleared the gun prior to handing it to you, then you opened the action to check it was unloaded, the ceiling/floor is an acceptable direction to point it.
    If those checks were not performed, then there is a bigger issue than which way to point the muzzle.
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    I always ask which direction is safe, since most people here live in multi story apartment buildings. Then again, muzzle discipline isn't a big thing here; I can't count the number of times I've had to tell someone on the bus to stop pointing a rifle at me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfection View Post
    How do you exercise good gun safety in a home that has say three floors? Recently, I was at a friend's house and it didn't occur to me that there was an upstairs above me. What is the best way to handle this type of environment safely?
    In a gun store, for example, I've always handled a gun while aiming it into the corners of the ceiling/wall join, knowing that even if it did somehow fire (even after my having cleared it) that the bullet would travel outside without first striking someone in an adjacent room or floor. Works well for a home with multiple floors, as well. In a jammed-up neighborhood without much space between homes, though, it can get tough since neighboring homes are in the line of fire. But that's about the best I've been able to come up with, when "test" aiming an unloaded gun inside a home. Short of using a purpose-made firing backstop of sorts, that's about all one can do, I'd say.
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    Don't fire shots into the ceiling!! I don't care what they do in the movies.
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    Stop playing with a loaded fire arm and like other have said....keep your finger off the trigger.

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