Draw practice is more educational than I thought

Draw practice is more educational than I thought

This is a discussion on Draw practice is more educational than I thought within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The handy shot timer I downloaded to my smart phone can't tell me from the other shooters at the indoor range, so I had to ...

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Thread: Draw practice is more educational than I thought

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    Draw practice is more educational than I thought

    The handy shot timer I downloaded to my smart phone can't tell me from the other shooters at the indoor range, so I had to do some dry-fire timings at home the other day. I enlisted the help of my son, who is 28 and fairly liberal, to operate the stop watch and record the times. I explained that I thought it was important that anyone who decides to carry should get as much training and practice as possible. We tried several different scenarios, clearing the garment, no cover garment, etc. At the end of the session, my son said simply that he was glad to see the extent to which I was practicing. I don't think he realized how many do so.
    There's hope for him yet.

    By the way, my times were 2.5 - 3.0 seconds for the first shot. Not too bad, but we will see if they stand up at the range without affecting shot placement.
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    That webcam on your laptop can be a big help in seeing what and how you are doing, as well. This one is done in full winter gear: field jacket, heavy hunting gloves, shirt, t-shirt.
    IWB Draw From Winter Attire - YouTube
    This one with just a T-shirt, trying to show the mechanics at full speed and 1/8 speed:
    Draw From Concealment - YouTube
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    Nice! I just got draw certified at my local range tonight. They won't let you draw and shoot until you are. The guy was impressed. I told him I learned everything from YouTube videos haha.
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    The new Shot Timer from Double Alpha Academy called the ShotMaxx can pick up just your shots on a crowded indoor range. It has a accelerometer sensor to pick up the recoil from the shots. I know people that are using them now that say it works as advertised.

    It is worn like a wristwatch.

    Combo - SHOTMAXX + Case

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryMB View Post
    Draw practice is more educational than I thought
    Can be illuminating. It's amazing how often a bit of clothing can get in the way, the hand can drag along the waist/belt, or you can miss quickly getting a full grip on the gun. Can change quite a bit based on covering garments, as well. Imagine the differences with a thick winter coat, whether it's zipped up or not, pullover sweater needing sweeping. Or, from one time to the next it could vary depending on how deeply the gun rides based on how you've been moving/sitting.

    Don't forget to work through what you'd do while moving quickly to cover, when behind cover (squatting, lying down) and other similar situations.

    Thanks for the reminder. It's always worth practicing, to tease out the variables and get it down right.
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    Importance of dry firing practice, with a draw is usually understated. I do 300 draw & dryfire practice sessions every other day. By the time you reach around 1000 times, you're pretty much there. Keep practicing. Pay attention to the vertical aspect of the muzzle when the draw is complete. With a locked wrist, your muzzle should be level and pointed at the target.
    Use your torso to make vertical adjustments rather than your wrist. A good 80% of the time, shots are made with only one hand and in less than 10 feet from the BG. Real world research has proven this, look it up yourself.
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