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This is a discussion on Town Hall - My First IDPA Match: Training For Self Defense Through Competition within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good basic article. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. - After meeting world shooting champion and Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob at the SHOT Show in January, ...

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Thread: Town Hall - My First IDPA Match: Training For Self Defense Through Competition

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    Town Hall - My First IDPA Match: Training For Self Defense Through Competition

    Good basic article.

    SPRINGFIELD, MASS. - After meeting world shooting champion and Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob at the SHOT Show in January, she invited me to come check out the 17th Annual International Defensive Pistol Association [IDPA] Indoor Nationals to get a first hand look at competition shooting.

    This year's competition spans until Saturday but I'll be shooting today with a small group of Smith & Wesson executives and a couple other newbies to the competition world. It's my first real shooting competition, so I'm bracing myself for a humbling experience. There are thirteen stages that require 180 rounds (I brought 250 just in case). Each stage is set up to mimic real life self defense situations. For example, one stage is a camping scenario complete with low lighting and a tent. Another sets you up in a situation where you're working at a warehouse late at night and encounter an intruder. It's always very important to train like you'd fight and IDPA matches give shooters a fun way to do exactly that in addition to sharpening their skills and knowledge about the sport.

    Rest here:
    My First IDPA Match: Training For Self Defense Through Competition - Katie Pavlich - Page 1
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    Well, yes and no.

    In an IDPA match, despite the emphasis on cover, I pie corners much faster than I would if there was the potential of incoming fire. And the penalties for misses (or hitting an innocent bystander) IRL tend to be a little more severe. Despite the game's rep for an emphasis on accuracy, it's not enough. A miss should count big time. Like, you're done?

    And I'm sure as hell ain't standing flat footed in the open should the gun run dry. I'm MOVING!!!

    All that moanin' aside, I'm glad to see articles like this appearing. It can't help but put a positive spin on gun ownership.
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    So, my S&W carry gun isn't legal where S&W hosts a shooting event. Outstanding.
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    Two things to remember. First it is a game and Second the course of fire may never be what you would see in real life. The best way to run a match is using all Mystery courses. You begin at the starting position and then it is up to you to solve the problems without having ever seen any of it ahead of time. In IDPA and IPSC the courses are open to view and it is up to you how to solve it with information supplied ahead of time (read that as Gaming it to any advantage you can think up).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    So, my S&W carry gun isn't legal where S&W hosts a shooting event. Outstanding.
    Its a game, trying to be valid in the self defense community. Really outstanding.....
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    As I see it and this only true if we are practicing for self defense.

    IDPA is a good way to practice mechanics, provided those mechanics have a real world application. Such as, if your cover garment and carry postion aren't the same for competition and self defense, you might find yourself reaching to the wrong place when you are in a panic.

    Lot's of things go into self defense training and practice that aren't covered in IDPA. The primary thing is that there is nothing to defend against, meaning, a piece of inanimate steel or cardboard isn't sending anything back at you. An example would be a boxer in the gym working a heavy bag and saying he practicing defense. If that is all that boxer ever did he would be in for quite a shock in the ring when his opponent didn't just stand there like a heavy bag.

    This isn't to bag on IDPA, I think it has it's place but it is just one piece of the training pie.

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    Training For Self Defense Through Competition
    That only goes so far as some replies here have already touched on. Competition is competition, and personal self defense scenarios are different. I prefer IPSC for my own reasons. I've never gone to a match worried about score. I'm in it to learn about myself and my judgements. Granted almost all of the folks I do matches with are gamers in the sense. Reloaded ammo, pistol modifications, competition holsters and rigs, etc. I run my carry pistols and my carry holsters. Nobody cares but me. The matches are a tool that I use for myself. Running and gunning, tactical reloads, holstering, assessing the target, barricades, range safety, etc. I do carry a minimum of six fully loaded magazines for comp, but real world only one spare mag for carry. I do steel challenge matches when my schedule won't allow for the IPSC matches. These are good as well for form mainly. After three years of shooting some steel challenge matches, I found myself leading into the next target before I got a hit on the previous one. This made me take a step back into reality. I'm not there for score, I'm there to make good hits in a timely manner and complete the stage or course of fire without wasting ammo.
    The best thing about these local clubs that either do IDPA or IPSC is that just about anyone should be able to find a club within reasonable distance that does this on a regular schedule these days. I'll guarantee that dropping $10 on a match fee and burning 200 rounds out of your favorite carry pistol with your carry holster at a match is going to teach you something and way cheaper than driving to Gunsite academy for a week. Forget about the gamers. Competitions are fun to watch on television. It's what you make of it, and the opportunities. No formal indoor range will let you do that sort of thing that I know of, and the folks that set up the matches are always creative. FWIW
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