Insights training class?

Insights training class?

This is a discussion on Insights training class? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone taken their 2 day defensive handgun class? They'll be in my town in March. It says the only prerequisite is a CCW. I'm familiar ...

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Thread: Insights training class?

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    Insights training class?

    Anyone taken their 2 day defensive handgun class? They'll be in my town in March. It says the only prerequisite is a CCW.

    I'm familiar with my gun and shooting but not exactly the best shot. I can keep them on the paper but wouldn't be competitive in any sort of competition. Would I be in over my head?

    It's $300 and you need at least 600 rounds of ammunition, holster and a sturdy belt. Not sure if my C-t.a.c. IWB would be appropriate or not. But I think my 3" XD-40 would be fine.

    Any comments on their class?

    edit: this is the link to the class
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    Well, For Starters...

    Everyone has to start somewhere...
    Every time I shoot with someone who is better than me...I learn something!
    I took some multi-day self-defense shooting courses (want to take more) and came away with some great tips and new habits to mold...

    One thing is for sure...if you can put them on the paper now...some decent instruction and 600'll be able to put them on a smaller piece of paper.
    Ask for references, make some calls, maybe someone here can help...
    Bottom line...
    Take the course...

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    I took this course in PA several years ago.

    It was a solid, professional course, well run.

    Now, I've been shooting Weaver for a LOT of years, and these guys are big believers in the Isocoles stance, so I dutifully tried to shoot the whole course their way.

    I did so OK, but I had to conciously think about what I was doing. They commented on the fact that I was shooting fine, but not going fast enough. Whenever I tried to go fast, I reverted to Weaver.

    But if the shooting stance isn't an issue for you, then yeah, I would recomend this course.

    BTW, they have an email discussion group for people who've done one or more of their courses. It's pretty good, and you'll be eligible for to join it once you've done this course.

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    Take the class.
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    Insights Training Center is one of the best group of trainers out there, in my considered opinion.

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    Greg Hamilton and his staff have a wealth of experience both in the field and in teaching. Their entire program is first rate. I highly recommend them.
    Training for the real world.

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