There is no doubt in my mind on the importance of the "default" two handed, linear, four count drawstroke. I have spent thousands on hours on this skill.....with every minute being well worth the time.

As I have progressed in my skillsets and knowledge base, I have also seen the importance of something more well rounded and completely versatile. In my observations on FOF encounters it has become clear to me that people may not be able to get to their default drawstoke. As a matter of fact, that it may be a very bad idea using the default drawstroke in many situations. The reason for this, is that there is the need to square up to the threat. By squaring up, you may have had to adjust the direction of your movement. In a reactive situation, adjusting the direction of your movement could be a very bad idea. Your displacement off of the line of attack is negatively affected by this adjustment for squaring up.

In my observations, it is my opinion that continuing in the general direction of your movement, in an explosive manner, and drawing directly to the threat is a much more effecient and effective tactic. This is very much like what Gabe sets down while drawing directly to the threat, while seated in a car. We all know that this will cover our legs.....but in a reactive situation your body will choose the fastest way to align your firearm onto the threat. The very same concept should be applied to your drawstroke and the corresponding direction of movement while we engage.

It is my opinion that a completely versatile drawstoke should be added to a well ingrained default four count drawstroke. One should be able to draw directly to the threat no matter what "clock position" the adversary is at, without squaring up or dramatically adjusting the direction of your movement. As we break away from the default drawstroke, we begin to see the absolute need for the one handed drawstoke. My two handed "frontal" drawstoke (righty) covers my 2:00 all the way around to my approximate 8:00. My one handed drawstoke covers the rest. That is six directions apiece, which puts this at virtually equal importance.

As we add the completly versatile drawstroke, we will immediately see the benefits to this in regards to getting off of the X. The fastest way possible to get off the X is by exploding forward, the general direction that the toes are pointed (from the 10:00 to the 2:00.) If you have "walked" into a bad situation, this is even more obvious. The continuation of your forward movement makes the explosive move out of the kill zone even more effective and efficient. To not use that momentum to your advantage could be a very bad idea.

As I have said before, the height and the extention of the gun will depend on a number of factors, proximity of the threat, urgency of the shot, position in the reactionary curve, need for retention properties, chaos of the encounter, type of terrain, users skill level, and tactical considerations (ie:zippering.) The completely versatile drawstoke also takes in the consideration of these factors. Not only should you be able to engage to every clock position, you should be able to do it through out the extention of your completely versatile handed and two.

You have all seen me preach about "being able to make solid hits, from any position, from any angle, anywhere throughout your drawstoke, with what ever movement that is necessary." The completely versatile drawstroke is part of that concept. And from what I have seen in FOF.... a very important part of that concept.

Thoughts and comments are encouraged!