I couldn't find a better place to insert this thread. I am helping out at a local outdoor rifle and pistol range range. Targets are currently stapled or pushpinned into waxed cardboard which is supported by aframe of 1 by 2's. This frame is held and sandwiched into a larger frame of 2x4's and 4x4's. When the cardboard gets shot up, the frame is removed, new cardboard is attached to the frame of 1x2's and it is reinserted into the larger frame.It's not a bad system and I know a picture tells a thousand words but I don't have any pics yet. I am wondering if any of your local ranges use sytems that really work well. We of course are looking for low maintenaince, durable applications, that are easily repaired. Can't use metal. Any ideas would be appreciated or links or pics. Thank you.