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Thread: NEW ONE ON ME ~ Anybody???

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    This magic grip crap surfaces. At best, stale horse hockey.
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    I can't say I've ever heard of it. An informal survey of the guns on my desk right now says it'd work if say my trigger finger was eaten by Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstein - works with a G17 acceptably but I'm not going to spend an afternoon on it or alter my shooting style. With a Sig 226 (same grip distance as the Israeli-issued 228), it's uncomfortable as heck - but I am a lefty and the index gets in the way with the decocker. WIth a Sig Pro it was actually about normal, which was surprising.

    I took the BHP out of the safe, the usual Israeli standard firearm, and laughed hysterically. Shot lefty, you'd be constantly engaging the slide stop- it's a grip designed to turn it into a single shot. Shot right handed, you're going to gouge the living hell out of your index finger on the BHP slide stop pin coming out the right side. ;)

    That said, I thought the Israelis weren't too partial to the Glocks because of the trigger+sand issue, but heck, I'm not Mr. Tacticool anyway.

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    I never heard of the Israeli’s not liking Glocks. Especially due to any “sand” issue, as Glocks will do better in the sand than about any other handgun. My understanding is Israeli military and LEOs used local produced models to save money with special ops and tactical units getting the higher priced Glocks. They are moving towards outfitting more units with Glocks.

    Unfortunately the website that I was going to reference on this ( ) is down for maintenance until 3/15.
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