Rental gun choices

Rental gun choices

This is a discussion on Rental gun choices within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If this is not posted in the proper area my apologies to the moderators. What would be your top choices for most common handguns and ...

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Thread: Rental gun choices

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    Rental gun choices

    If this is not posted in the proper area my apologies to the moderators. What would be your top choices for most common handguns and calibers that you believe would most people would be inclined to rent at a gun range. A buddy of mine is opening a range and asked me to query this most knowledgeable body on firearms that would be most popular for that use. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.


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    Well, something in all the major calibers, 9mm, .40, .45, 38/.357, maybe a .44 magnum or .380, and definately some sort of .22

    As far as makes, whatever is popular. A couple of the base 1911's from several makers, a snub nosed .38/.357, a longer barrel model of the same. Glocks, or XDs in the calibers mentioned above.
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    I would add the Desert Eagle and the S&W 500. Both are awsome looking guns that I think would get a decent amount of rental just based on the fact that lots of people know of them but do not have them. They are a nitche market to own but who doesnt want to try it once.

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    Can't add much to what Buckeye said. Maybe a couple of Keltecs in .32 & .380, They are popular guns for pocket carry and IF he had them to rent, and also to purchase, he might do some business. Thumbs up on the Glocks & XD in 9mm, 40 SW. & .45ACP. Maybe a couple of SIGs as well. Ruger SP101 .38/357 is also a good choice.
    If cowboy action shooting is popular in your area a Ruger Vaquero in .38 & .45 would be good choices as well. Got to have a 1911 as Buckeye as suggested. Ruger .22 would also be a good gun for rental.

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    Depends on the budget. If money is tight start small. Minimal list would include a Glock 19, a j-frame Smith, a target .22, some type of .380 like a Walther PPK/s.
    The factory reps can can help him to aquire guns for rental.

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    The only indoor range around here has Glocks in most calibers, Ruger .22s and Taurus .22, .38/.357 revolvers. It would be nice if he had a larger selection but the owner rarely...probably never cleans them and they just keep ticking. I'd add more makes and action types so new shooters could get a better feel for what they like.

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    All calibers, from .22LR up to the S&W .500 magnum should be
    sufficent. But the main concern here should be a variety of good
    quality weapons from which too choose. I would say for
    example, you would need Glocks and XD's in 9m/m, .40 S&W,
    and .45 ACP. SIG's in the same caliber, S&W M&P's in 9 and .40.
    Throw in a 1911 such as a Kimber Custom II, or a Springfield
    Armory MIL-SPEC and one Beretta M-9 and you should be in

    Lets face it, not everyone is going to want to shoot the
    big S&W 500 magnum; so I would only make it available
    upon request, perhaps some member would be nice
    enough to lend his for a quick trial; provided that the'
    user not only furnish his/her own ammo, but buy a
    box for the weapons owner.

    As to the .22LR, a standard Ruger or Browning Buckmark
    should do. And for revolver folks, a S&W model 19 or
    686 and a snub model 637 should work just fine.
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    If he is going to sell guns, make sure he has some rentals of the ones he plans on selling.
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    We keep a large number of rentals where I work. The p22 is popular with beginners, but any simple .22 would do. We are part of Glock's rental program, and rent those a lot. There is always a business renting to the tourist crowd, so we keep a 6" model 629, a Desert Eagle, and a Taurus Raging Bull. We rent a PS90, a 10-22, and some Hi Point 9mms for the under 21 demographic. The rest is a few examples of the top sellers, Sig, XD, HK, Ruger, S&W, etc, and some that fall into the "other" category. Stuff that would otherwise sit on a shelf forever. We sell the rentals when we can for a discount to cycle stuff through, and will let someone interested in a used gun test it out, with the cost of the range fee deducted from the purchase.

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    NOVA...200 square miles surrounded by reality
    Popularity at my range

    Glocks (every buddy always wants to rent a Glock nine) and then after that its the forty.
    .22 Ruger, Mosquito, and Smith wheel gun (we don't have but you should have a Walther P22)
    Sigs 226/229 various between 9/40/357
    Beretta M9 No body seems to care about any of the other Beretta's Usually its refered to as the gun the military uses.
    Desert Eagle .44 mag and the 50
    1911 of various makes
    S&W 500 and 460
    S&W various Semi Auto's Unfortunatly No M&P's
    We have a few .380's they are Rarely rented out.
    We aslo rent out S&W model 10's and some 686's
    probably the least rented gun is the Airweight .357(Noisy Cricket) mag 5 shot Smith.
    When I say least rented I should probably say most commonly returned for another gun. See below explination.
    (we only allow in the rentals the cartridge stamped on the barrel to be shot through the gun) I.E. NO .38's in a .357 saves on some wear and tear at least thats the theory I don't make the policy(above my paygrade) I just enforce it.
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