May 10-11 Fighting w/ Firearms GEN-5; Fighting @ Night 9am-5pm, $325.00

Most violent crimes are committed during hours of darkness, yet the inordinate amount of range time seems to be dedicated to training in the light. The modern shooter must embrace the darkness as an ally, making the untrained adversary’s skills grossly insignificant. Mindset, equipment and low-light skill-at-arms will make you a psychological terror. Drilling in Flashlight-Assisted Shooting Techniques, combative gun-handling, multiple threats, combative shooting positions, low-light tactics, weapon re-function techniques, reactive & traveling movement, and most importantly, PFC’s low-light principles will increase your effectiveness if you must fight in and dominate a low-light environment.

Mandatory Minimum Equipment:
Semi-automatic pistol with a minimum of (2) two magazines, strong-side belt holster & support-side spare magazine carrier, supportive belt compatible with holster and magazine carrier, eye and ear protection, long pants, knee pads, hand-held tactical flashlight, 500 rounds of factory pistol ammunition

LOCATION: Ramapoo Rifle & Revolver Club Tel. (203) 438-2095
60 South Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877

Contact PFC immediately to reserve your slot. Complete an Application for Instruction or the reservation slip on page 2 and return it with credit card information or a check/MO. If you do not wish to pay in full now, you may include a nonrefundable
50% tuition deposit to secure your space. Tuition must be paid in full on or before the first day of training. Participants may also enroll for this course via our website at:

For directions or lodging information, contact ART FRANCO:
(203) 743-5414