May 12-13 Fighting with Firearms GEN-9; Fighting w/ Partners 9am-6pm, $350.00

Whether you are an armed professional taking offensive action with a partner or an armed citizen defending an assault in the presence of an equally capable friend or protecting a defenseless loved one, you must learn to shoot, move and communicate to be effective. This course will impart the principles, tactics and techniques for operating in a two person team-based environment. Topics covered will include sectors of fire and area awareness, divided attention and angles of attack/approach, integration of force options, contact-cover, assaulting through, breaking contact, Third-person/principle cover & control skills, suppressing fire, and the PFC LMT. Two shooters who cannot instinctively mass and direct their fire are not working to their potential, and can ultimately (inadvertently) counteract one another. Don’t let this happen to you. Prerequisites include completion of Fighting with Firearms GEN-1 or equivalent training.

Mandatory Minimum Equipment:
Standard semi-automatic pistol kit with at least (3) three magazines AND/OR tactical carbine kit with sling and at least (3) three magazines, eye and ear protection, knee pads, 700-900 total rounds required regardless of weapon(s) used

Contact PFC immediately to reserve your slot. Complete an Application for Instruction or the reservation slip on page 2 and return it with credit card information or a check/MO. If you do not wish to pay in full now, you may include a nonrefundable 50% tuition deposit to secure your space. Tuition must be paid in full on or before
the first day of training. Participants may also enroll for this course via our website at:

(315) 404-1923,