May 12 FIGHT BACK! Women’s Personal Defense Seminar 10am-4pm, $99

If your lady has a CCW then prepare her or someone you know properly with some unarmed skill sets to compliment her gun-handling. Tell her about this special one-day seminar in personal defense skills for women instructed by Muay Thai Kickboxer LISA KING and selfdefense instructor DENISE HAJDASZ. This is a hands-on event with lots of valuable information. Learn how to use the natural weapons of the body to strike, kick, block, and defend against common assaults upon women. Training will include discussions on awareness, verbal skills and use of force, physical escapes from compromising positions and control holds while standing or on the ground, skill-building drills that are fun and condition you to fight back with good technique and targeting, methods for disengaging and creating distance from an attacker, and reality-based scenarios designed to mentally and physically prepare women to WIN a sudden violent assault. Comfortable workout attire required. To learn more about Lisa King or contact her with questions regarding this class, visit her website at:

Contact PFC immediately to reserve your slot. Complete an Application for Instruction or the reservation slip on page 2 and return it with credit card information or a check/MO. If you do not wish to pay in full now, you may include a nonrefundable 50% tuition deposit to secure your space. Tuition must be paid in full on or before the first day of training. Participants may also enroll for this course via our website at:

(315) 404-1923,