PFC "Shooting on the Move" Clinic

I had an opportunity to take a four hour "Shooting on the Move" clinic with Progressive Force Concepts here in Vegas today. This was my first opportunity to train with PFC and I was not disappointed.

I really liked the concept of a four hour clinic that just focuses on one aspect of the fight. In so many of my past courses, I was always left with the feeling that "I wish we could have spent more time on that." This intensive clinic is about nothing but movement and the application of that movement.

The curriculum was solid and it was based on a building block approach. All of the skills and the drills built on top of each other and became more and more difficult as the day went on. The drills introduced in the course were very well thought out and led to the lessons that were meant to be taught.

Most of you here know about my take on movement. This course focused on what I call "controlled movement." It was a very thorough look at controlled movement out of the turret of the tank concept. This clinic covers controlled movement about as well as I have ever seen. It really fills in a missing link between the limited movement training that you get in a square range course and the more dynamic movement that we see in Gabe's FOF course and my point shooting courses.

As we all know, the fight will be what the fight will be. The skills and drills in this course definitely cover a needed portion of the fight continuum. Although it is very different from the specialty area of what I is a specialty area of it's own and a much needed one.

The controlled movement of these skills and drills all led to the ability to engage with sighted fire. This is something that is only briefly touched on in my course and many of the courses that I have taken. Most of my students come to me with these skills and put then to use in the appropriate place inside of the fight continuum, during my course. It was very nice to be able to focus on this skills for a full four hour period. This is simply something that I have never been able to do in a course before. If I could extend my course to three days it would be very good to add in this portion of the movement continuum. But that will probably never happen.

As I said, this was a "solid" course. There was nothing really new to me or ground breaking. It was about solid controlled movement fundamentals. What really stood out about the course was how well thought out it was and how well set up it was. The instructor was Brian Hartman. He is a very articulate and squared away instructor. As a newer instructor myself, it was very good to see Brian and his presentation of the course. The structure of the course was outstanding. The presentation of the course was excellent. The drills were set up to get the points across. As a guy that prides myself on the organization of a course, it was very good to see such a well conceived course like this.

I hope to take advantage of other four hour clinics in the future. This concept was very intriguing to me and now that I have done it, I really look forward to more in the future.