I wish it were this easy

I wish it were this easy

This is a discussion on I wish it were this easy within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Found this on a link from the Slate website talking about how to handle another Virginia Tech style madman. I LOVE the way these guys ...

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Thread: I wish it were this easy

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    I wish it were this easy

    Found this on a link from the Slate website talking about how to handle another Virginia Tech style madman.
    I LOVE the way these guys make it look like your grandmother can perform a disarm. I also with you could learn these moves from a video...it would make my life MUCH easier
    Gun disarm moves
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    Just read the same page, very interesting opinion but fatally flawed.
    "Grab both guns and kick the attacker."???

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    Very cool but I don't think it will work. What if your attacker has pulled a Glock on you? They'd have to be pretty out of it to let you grab their firearm from their hand.
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    Not only all that, but supposing he does fire the gun (Glock or you were too slow). Now you just lost your thumb and use of your hand for a while and he still has the gun. But I'm sure this is entirely possible after years of practice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 0.02 View Post
    Just read the same page, very interesting opinion but fatally flawed.
    "Grab both guns and kick the attacker."???
    Just grab both guns...dodge both left and right...twist both guns to the outside...knee in groin of attacker...do back flip over attacker and disengage both gun mags at same time (while doing back flip)...place both guns in opposite armpits and with a racking motion eject last shell from each chamber (this also, is done while still in back flip)...once landing, double karate chop with both hands on neck of attacker...

    I have done this only once, err, actually several times, yea that's it, I've done this MANY times...yes many times :denk:

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    I'm going to watch it again but, I can't without making popcorn and running out to buy a box of Junior Mints.

    There are too many makes and models of firearms that exact technique will not work with at all.
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    LOL. And I bet it was so quick and the camera couldn't even pick it up.

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    It is actually a valid disarm technique. I've been taught something very much like this. Problem is that you have to really know what you are doing- and I don't mean watch a video, for it to stand a chance. For a striker fired pistol you don't put your thumb behind the slide. Ideally you would be able to push the slide back- taking it out of battery. If not, at least you moved so your head isn't in the line of fire.
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    You ever notice how in these kind of videos, the bad guy sticks the gun WAAAAAY and then just stands there waiting for the good guy to grab it.

    I hope the bad guy who attacks me is just as accomodating.

    retsupt99 - I've done the same many times. However, I usually disasemble the gun while taking it away from the guy. It's due to my Secret Squirrel training.
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    No sound on this computer so I cannot hear the explanation (is it even in English?). That said, the moves look to be complex. Something that, IMO, would be difficult to perform under stress.

    Disarming techniques work but only should be attempted in a very narrow or limited set of circumstances.

    Keep in mind that any (fancy) technique can be made to work in a controlled environment at 1/2 speed or less. Anything you learn should be tested at full speed and while under some stress. Simunition exercises work well for this.


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