Roger's Shooting School

Roger's Shooting School

This is a discussion on Roger's Shooting School within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got back early this morning/late last night from a week up in Ellijay, GA where I was attending the Roger's Shooting School. My friend ...

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    Roger's Shooting School

    I got back early this morning/late last night from a week up in Ellijay, GA where I was attending the Roger's Shooting School. My friend talked me into going, saying this was one of best pure shooting schools out there and that we had to go.

    I had no idea who Bill Rogers was and wondered who this guy was. Well, have you heard of the Surefire-Roger's flashlight technique? That is the guy. Safariland? They bought his holster company sometime in the past and he now design's their holsters. He also shot competitively (quite successfully I was told, and after seeing him shoot I believe), is ex-FBI, and lot's of other stuff.

    So, the class starts off with a lecture on the principals of Reactive shooting and safety and how the week will progress. Monday morning finds us on the range at 9:00. Now this is no ordinary range. If you type Roger's shooting school into YouTube you will bring up some videos of it or order the free DVD from Wilson Combat as it has a short segment from the school on that as well.

    The range consists of six individual shooting lanes with seven steel targets each. The targets are from about 5 yards to 20 yards and are computer controlled hydraulic targets. The targets pop up in different sequences and you shoot them down. Sounds easy enough. The thing is this is all based on Bill's reactive method of shooting. Through research he has determined that it takes .25 seconds to recognize a threat and another .25 seconds to react and break the shot. So, from the low ready you have 1/2 of a second to drive the gun to the target, get a site picture, and break the shot. Now if you have to draw from a holster or there are multiple targets you get more time, but it all happens extremely fast. I definitely had the adrenaline shakes in my hands multiple times during the week in anticipation of the drills. After doing several drills during the morning and afternoon with a short break for lunch in between it was time to take the test.

    The test is given every day and twice on Thursday. It consists of 9 drills with different target configurations for each, several of which are shot strong and weak hand only. One of the toughest is called the weak hand only blast drill. All targets pop up three times in various order. All shooting and reloading is done weak hand only.
    Each hit is a point and the total for all 9 drills in the test is 125. 70-89 gets you a Basic rating, 90-109 gets you an intermediate, and 110-125 gets an advanced.

    One thing that makes this so difficult in the beginning is that the targets don't start off slow and speed up as the week progresses. You have to get your speed up or you won't even see half the targets. I brought my Sig 229DAK with me, but switched over pretty quickly to my M&P because the trigger pull was easier for me to work on the way out to the targets. I found the long smooth pull of the Sig was too difficult for me and I ended up mashing the trigger at the end and missing the shot. The M&P has a short take up and a fairly crisp break that I found worked much better. Some guys used standard 8 round capacity 1911's which were great for the trigger, but they ended up re-loading all too often which increases the stress level.

    I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to shoot faster more accurately.

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    Thanks, Rocnerd. I've been considering attending this school myself. I had made up my mind to once and there were no slots in the class I needed.

    I guess I'll give it another try.
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