Typical Training

Typical Training

This is a discussion on Typical Training within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just wondering out there when you are going to the range or even dry firing how long do you do it for and how much ...

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Thread: Typical Training

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    Typical Training

    Just wondering out there when you are going to the range or even dry firing how long do you do it for and how much ammo does a sessions usually take?

    I know in my case I have a time constraint usually and only get about 100 rounds off at a session. But then try and make up for some of this with a couple hours a week of dry firing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wareagleky View Post
    Just wondering out there when you are going to the range or even dry firing how long do you do it for and how much ammo does a sessions usually take?
    When I'm practicing at a regular square range, I generally go through 150-200 rounds in a session. Thanks to the Utah Polite Society, I have a chance to do some more tactical shooting about once a month (things like moving and shooting, using cover, etc.). At those sessions I generally don't go through as much ammo, usually just 100-150 rounds.

    As for dry fire, I try to do half an hour a day, but usually it ends up more like half an hour a couple of times a week. Don't just think of dry fire as something you do because you can't get to a range. Lots of dry fire practice is the best way to learn how to run your gun on a subconscious level, breaking the barrier, as Brownie puts it. Dry fire can do as much to make you a better shooter as the same amount of time put in one the range (you still have to spend some time actually shooting, of course).
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    I dry fire with a pistol for about 10-15 minutes a night in front of a good action movie. Depending on how doped up I am on caffeine. If i see an obviouse issue I stop. Usually I then follow it up with some drawing from the holster in front of a mirror, then from concealment, basicallly looking for certain techniques if there infact correct. Generally I'll go through about 20 min of this. Usually I'll use a blue gun.

    Usually when I go to the range which is about every other day. I shoot anywhere from about 40-100 rounds.
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    The indoor range I go to is the same place I work at. While I shoot for free the time alloted is usually one hour unless no one is in there and then I can stay as long as I'd like. I shoot maybe 100-150 rounds through my primary and usually between 30-50+ through any other guns I've brought.

    At home I'll do some dry fire and drawing drills for maybe another hour or so. It works out well for me. I don't do it every night, but maybe two or three times a week.

    I go to the range once a week.

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    One thing to also remember is that drawing the weapon in controlled situations will also help in case a life threatening situation occurs. Just as I take the time at the range to increase accuracy, it is important to feel a high comfort level with the ability to draw quickly. when at the range, I try to shoot no more than about 150 at a time, as I feel that I lose concentration to a bit.

    At home I work on "Situations" in where I will work on exposing, drawing and dry firing in one motion as to prepare for potential real life situations. These I try to do at least twice a week.

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