With Permission from some of the Mods on the board I'm posting this for those who currently are NRA Certified Instructors and want to pursue training others to become NRA Certified Instructors.

Pre Reqs.

Candidates must have 2 years teaching experience as an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor (this does not include NRA LEAD programs)

Must be active and have conducted or been apart of training 5 NRA courses reaching a minimum 25 individuals.

Must have registered in advance and receive preapproval.
To get pre approval contact:


After getting approved, you then contact the appropriate sponser below.

The price of each workshop varies from location to location and is not determined by the NRA.

June 22-24 Denver, CO Gordon Ulrickson gordon.ulrickson@profire.us

July 6-8 30 miles west Milwaukee,WI Scott Taetsch Staetsch@NRAHQ.org

July 13-15 Northern, IL Hank Washburn coltiger7aol.com

July 27-29 Oklahoma City, OK Larry Bahler lbahler@cox.net

Aug 3-5 Fairfax, VA Andy lander TrainingCounselor@nrahq.org

Aug 22-24 Bothell, WA Richard Ripley Rripley@deltadentalwa.com

Aug 24-26 Riverdale, NJ Anthoni Alampi springm1@verizon.net

Aug 24-26 Berrin Springs, MI Martin Prilliwitz 269 463 3472

Aug-31-Sep02 Staunton, VA Randy Smith randy@dt-concepts.com

Sept 3-5 Easton, PA Mac Elliot trainingcounselor@verizon.net

Oct 12-14 Travese City, MI Barry Anderson barry45acp@aol.com

Oct 19-21 Tucson, AZ Chester Manning

Oct 19-21 Valencia, CA Kerry Miller semmtc@aol.com

Oct 26-28 Denver, CO Gordon Ulrickson gordon.ulrickson@profire.us

Nov 9-11 New York City, NY David Rivera tcws@dr-security.com