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    Home Made IDPA Today

    Friends and Neighbors:

    I went shooting today. My life is very busy, so I can shoot maybe once a month. I can do an extended range session maybe three or four times a year.

    One fellow who is a member of this board invited me to go shooting today with a few of his friends. They are all decades older than I, and I was honored by the inter-generational interaction.

    We shot at a very prominent local range and proceeded to shoot according to their pretty well-established routine. One guy, a particularly good shot named Ken, thought up some outlandishly challenging firing sequences/IDPA practice scenarios.

    I was humbled. I shoot pretty well, but old Ken shot better than me, all around. All those old codgers could shoot.

    And the value of the tactical scenarios set up was readily apparent, even to my unpracticed eye. I'd never shot weak-hand or moving.

    My eyes were opened to a whole new world, and I am deeply grateful to these fellows for it.

    I am not cut out for IDPA competition, but I think that if you are a LEO and you DON'T do IDPA, you are taking a totally unnecessary risk.

    My new friends have extended to me a standing invitation to join them whenever they shoot (which is about once a week).

    I want to join them every week, but my work scheduled simply won't allow it.

    But I will join them as often as my schedule permits, and as often as they will have me.
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    Randy - IMO any shooting that involves weak hand and movement has to help - whether it is done in IDPA or simply as you did - with friends. Pure static paper punching is not enough, at all.

    Sounds like they are a great gang and hope you'll enjoy more when times does allow.
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    When I first started shooting I went to a local range, right near my college. The first night I was there, a bunch of guys who were at least 15 years older then I am. They were thrilled that I'd brought another friend into the range for the first time, someone else who was my age.

    I think to a large extent, older shooters have watched as the shooting community as a whole has grown older. They're just happy to see new blood come into the community.

    Definitely keep up the good work. I've never had the opportunity to shoot IPSC or IDPA, because of the travel time it would have required when I lived in NJ (never did find a range that did it in NJ). Now, I can't wait to join the local range here in IN (have to wait on a meeting next month) and start participating at their matches.

    Just my humble opinion, for what it's worth.

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    That's pretty awsome. Thats kinda similar to how I really got started and began to get some real training.
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    Randy, yes you are cut out for IDPA. Go shoot matches, learn and have fun. IDPA is elementary school for defensive training. There is a bunch of us that had no idea about defensive shooting and still decided to go IDPA. I still suck at it but I have fun and I have learned valuable lessons.
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    Like Miggy I suck at IDPA, and gentlemen almost twice my age rountinely shot circles around me.

    But I have fun, and develop shot and move skills. It has taught me the need to shot and move in a defensive situation.

    So join shot and have fun.
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    Any chance you could post the course you shot? Always looking for new stuff.

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