Something went bump in the night...

Something went bump in the night...

This is a discussion on Something went bump in the night... within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is a good new-bad news story which resulted in a wake up call for me. Last night, about 3 A.M. something went bump in ...

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Thread: Something went bump in the night...

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    Something went bump in the night...

    This is a good new-bad news story which resulted in a wake up call for me. Last night, about 3 A.M. something went bump in the night. There were several pieces of good news. First, I woke up right away, grabbed my pistol, and gave the cell phone to my wife. Second, there was nothing there. The bad news and lessons learned? I need a good flashlight (Surefire, etc.) within arm's reach. I need to add a shotgun to my toolbox. I also need more training. Next, if you have time, put your clothes on (at least enough to hang a holster, extra mag, and cover your feet). I need to upgrade our home security system, too (reinforced doors and door jams, alarm system with door/window sensors, motion detectors, audible alarm, and cellular alert to a monitoring site). The whole experience reacquainted me with the adrenaline rush sensation to an extent I hadn't felt since SE Asia (instantly alert, intensely alive) and the whole time-slowing-down thing. I'm sure there are more lessons to be learned from this. With more time and reflection, I'm sure they'll come into focus.

    Sorry for the length - just wanted to share.

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    Flashlight? Yep that's for sure.

    Security is good as long as you don't feel in the end you are living in your own personalized prison!! Shottie - well always useful but have to say I always have and always will want to grab handgun first, even tho a shottie is there.

    Motion sensors and lights I do feel are one of the best and easiest things we can add . I have two at rear and one in front. Audible alarms can be double edged sword - in as much as they need to be friendly so you don't keep getting false alarms or forget they are on when you are about!

    The adrenaline rush is hard to train for I think - until it happens!
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    Motion lights are good. My place has a dual approach. I have a motion light at the garage which lights up the area. Right on my porch at the door, however, is a recessed 100watt fixture. I leave it off. When someone knocks on my door at night (doesn't happen very often), I can look at a window to the side of the door and flip the light on. This gives me a good view of the person at the door and blinds them for several seconds, giving me an advantage if I need one.

    Friends know about the light and on the few occasions they have shown up unannounced, they have their eyes shaded, waiting for it.
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