Defensive Training Concepts, Inc. will be presenting a 30 hour Intermediate Level Defensive Handgun course September 28th through the 30th at the Blue Ridge Shooter's Club near Lexington, Va.

This course is designed for the person who already possess safe firearm handling skills, can apply the fundamentals of marksmanship, and is ready to learn how to use the handgun for self defense. In other words, this is NOT a basic marksmanship or "introduction to handguns" type of course. As a prerequisite, students should have attended our Introductory Handgun, an NRA Basic Pistol, DCJS, POST, BLET, SLED, or similar basic handgun training course or have a knowledge and skill level commensurate with said courses.

Approximately 6 hours will be spent in the classroom covering the following topics: Survival Mindset, Conflict Avoidance, Color Codes of Awareness, The Affects of Survival Stress, Identifying and using Cover and Concealment, Force Continuum / Ladder / Wheel, Boyd's (OODA) Loop, Legalities of using Force, Ballistic Wounding, Affects of Low Light on the Eye, Equipment - Holsters, Mag Carriers, etc.

The remaining 24 hours will be spent on the range covering the following topics and skill building exercises: Review of the Firearm and Range Safety Guidelines, Review of the Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Basic Disarming and Retention Techniques, Drawing from a Concealment Holster, Reloading and Recovering, Trigger Reset and Control, Immediate Action Drills, Scanning, Verbal Commands, Safety Circle, Position Shooting (standing, kneeling-one and both knees, sitting, prone, rollover prone, supine), Tactical Movement, Searching, Flashlight Techniques, Shooting in Subdued Light, Blinding Drill, Pivots and Turns, Tactical Use of Cover and/or Concealment (all positions and approaching), Reactionary Gap / Tueller Drill (with sims), Decision Making, Incapacitation Drills, Shooting with one Hand, Transition to and Support Side Shooting, Shooting while Moving (advancing, retreating, laterally, diagonally), Contact Distance Shoot and Evade, Contact Distance Shoot and Evade while Protecting a Family Member, Engaging Multiple Threats, Moving Threats, Close Quarters Fighting Techniques, Unconventional Shooting Positions (chair drills, ground drills, shooting from a vehicle - range permitting), Charging Dog Drill, and more.

Students will need the following items: a reliable handgun (bring a backup), hip and/or concealment holster for handgun (no cross draw, shoulder, small of back, or fanny packs), magazines (at least 5 for each handgun), belt style magazine carriers, concealment garment, 1200 rounds of a good quality ammo, shooting glasses, hearing protection, baseball hat, an old tee-shirt suitable for use as a target, a flashlight with a spare bulb and batteries, a notebook and ink pen, proper clothing for an extended period outside, a folding chair, sunscreen, rain gear, food for the meal breaks, and plenty of drinking water.

The cost for all three training days is $325.

If you do not already have a concealed carry permit, this course is recognized by VA, NC, UT, and a number of other states that require proof of compentency.

The class size will be limited.

Please contact me for additional information and/or registration.

Email: or by phone at (540) 885-9952.